Anti-Aging Beauty: To Big Brow Or Not To Big Brow

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That is the question! Full, bold eyebrows were a major trend on the Fall ’14 fashion runways (3.1 Phillip Lim, Altuzarra, Jason Wu, Narciso Rodriguez, Carolina Herrera…the list is endless), but over the age of 35, are they really a good idea? Not sure? Well, if you remember Brooke Shields in Pretty Baby, you are too old to go there. That said, too thin brows are also very aging.
Some (OK, my mother) have said I was blessed with very full brows. So blessed in fact, that I had only one that extended across my entire forehead until I discovered tweezers at a very young age. I didn’t really touch them because I didn’t know you could shape and tame the wild beasts until after college. So there are about 20 years of photos of me with very full brows (less the part in the middle I kept tweezed at all times). Ever since my mid-20’s I have been what you might call “obsessed’ with my brows. Now, the thing I fear most is back on trend? You have got to be kidding me.
That said, over the early part of the summer I tried to go a little fuller because I was told I would look younger and you know what? I hated them. Thank God I am at the age where I can veto a trend based on my age and just knowing better. With my brows fuller they not only looked messy, they didn’t frame my eyes as well and in fact, I felt I looked older! Older and messy are two words I never want to describe me, thank you very much.
So here are my two cents on going with a full brow over 35…if you weren’t blessed (or cursed) with full brows, skip this trend. Rather enhance a thinner brow with a shade a bit lighter than your natural brow color. Use the the lighter shade to fill in sparseness and then use a darker shade to define. Start at the arch and work from the tail back for an ombre-type effect. Powder will give a softer look whereas a pencil will give a thicker, heavier look. Be sure you draw little hairs and NOT a straight line which screams “old lady.”

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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