Alessandra Ambrosio Visits Victoria's Secret In Chicago

Alessandra Ambrosio at Victoria’s Secret on Michigan Avenue in Chicago
Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio was in Chicago yesterday to introduce the Knockout Bra Front-Close from Victoria’s Secret Sport. I love the idea of this sports bra since I recently had to become a contortionist in order to remove a sports bra after working out! Alessandra said she found the same problem with some sport bras, but this one with the front close zipper is easy to get on and off and comes in a light fabric that stays cool. She said she has been wearing some of the sport bras by Victoria’s Secret since they first came out. I believe her because I have a few swim suits by Victoria’s Secret that I have worn for years and they fit and hold up very well. The Knockout Bra Front-Close sport bra is available in maximum, medium or minimum support in a variety of patterns and bright colors. Alessandra likes the bright pink and the orange and said she prefers outdoor exercise like volleyball, surfing and going to the pool with her kids! Yes, she looks like this and has 2 children.
The Knockout Bra Front-Close from Victoria’s Secret Sport, $54.50 – $62.50 in a wide range of colors.
Alessandra knocks us out!
I had a few questions for Alessandra that she was more than happy to answer. She is very warm, energetic and a fantastic Victoria’s Secret Angel! SCS: You have such a busy schedule, like today you will also be going to Woodfield and Old Orchard Malls in the suburbs to meet and greet fans. If you could give us 3 health and beauty tips, what would they be? AA: 1. Every day I drink a green juice. It is important to to take care of yourself inside and out! 2. Moisturize! Everywhere – face and body – and with a sunscreen. 3. Sleep! I like to get 8 hours. Well today I only got 6 – but getting enough sleep is very important and I usually get 8 hours. SCS: Which do you enjoy more? Modeling for photography or the runway? AA: Hmm… Well I like them both! The runway seems to go by too quickly but I enjoy the excitement. I enjoy photo shoots and now with digital photography we can see proofs right away. SCS: Second City Style readers are age 30-50. I would love to see you modeling for a very long time! Do you think you will always be a model? AA: It’s possible! I don’t know – I will see! Now I have my own fashion line and I will have to see what happens in the future. SCS: With your energy and great attitude I know your future will always be bright!
I’m with Alessandra Ambrosio!
  – Carol Calacci Photos: Second City Style  

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