Accessories Council Presents A Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mom’s big day is right around the corner and if you haven’t found a gift for her yet, you could probably use some help. Fortunately the Accessories Council has saved us all and assembled a Mother’s Day Gift Guide for daughters and sons alike who need a little extra help picking out the ideal gift for mom. We got to attend the Council’s event at BLT Fish in Chelsea where the Council’s president Karen Giberson and lifestyle consultant (and mom) Pamela Pekerman presented their top pick gifts.
We’ve taken the Council’s gift suggestions and put together a guide of amazing presents that every mom out there will adore. Whether she prefers something sentimental, something edgy, or something practical, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift for her on this list. Take a look at our favorites from the night.
Stella & Dot
The Classic | $98
                   Stella & Dot Classic Bag
This tote takes a plain linen bag and makes it pop with neon trim. Its four interior pockets and bottle holder make it perfect for holding all the things moms (and women in general) carry around. Mom can carry it as her diaper bag, gym bag, or regular purse. And we love it for summer!
Available at
Adrienne Landau
Fox Fur Keychain | $25
Adrienna Landau Fox Key Chain
Adrienne Landau’s fox fur keychains will certainly add a little spice to an outfit. Now, the word “keychain” can be misleading—this puffy accessory can certainly help you find your keys quickly, but it can also be clipped to a purse or belt for an understated flash of fur. This gift is for the moms with a more daring sense of style.
Available at
Vasi Moda
Neo Classique I | $360
Scarves like this take an otherwise plain outfit and make it beautiful. Jeans and a t-shirt will become eccentric and interesting once this scarf is thrown on top. The scarf measures 80 inches long X 17 inches wide, and there are 10 Signature VASI Designs to choose from.
Available at
Pico Designs
Laser Cut Heart Pendant | $65
Pico Design Laser Cut Heart Pendant
The heart necklace for Mother’s Day has been overdone in the past and is borderline cheesy, but this necklace is the exception! Andrea Panico formed Pico Design in 2005 with the vision of creating jewelry inspired by her love of architecture. This stunning necklace was created on that foundation and boasts a modern, edgy design.
Available on
Stella & Max
All I Need Clutch | $48
Stella & Max Clutch
This aptly named wallet has over 10 pockets and holders to store all the credit cards, pictures, cash, and change most moms always have on them. The bright color makes it easy to find in a huge purse (see: Stella & Dot tote above). And, it doubles as a clutch for a night out! Practical and pretty.
Available at and at Macy’s
Matterial Fix
Strength & Dignity Bangle | $60
Matterial Fix Bangles
This designer’s mission is to celebrate women every day, not just Mother’s Day. Ten percent of the proceeds from each Strength & Dignity bangle will go to Peruvian Hearts, an organization dedicated to caring for girls in rural Peru. As a reminder of what women represent, each bangle bears the inscription “She is clothed in strength and dignity.“ The bracelet is available in 5 colors; Tangerine, White, Dusted Blue, Turquoise and Lemon-Lime.
Available at
-Madelyn Raine
Pictures provided by Accessory Council

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