Ab Fab 2009? Absolutely Fabulous News…Sweetie Darling!


Set the DVR. Can it be true? My favorite Brit import show from 1992-1996 is being remade stateside. Yes Sweetie! Darling! "Absolutely Fabulous" is going way of "The Office" and we hope to the same caliber.

Actresses Kristen Johnston – who plays Patsy – and Kathryn Hahn – as Eddie – were dressed in familiar costume for the remake of the British comedy (see photo above). According the the Daily Mail, the shallow, drunken, youth chasing, shopaholics played by Jennifer Saunders and
Joanna Lumley is coming to Fox.

new show will be based in LA and will be overseen by Arrested Development
creator Mitch Hurwitz and Eric and Kim Tannenbaum, who are behind

Jennifer Saunders, who originally played Eddie, is executive producer of the remake.

Some of my favorite Ab Fab Quotes:

Eddie – La Croix sweetie, La Croix

Eddie – I don't want more choice, I just want nicer things!

Eddie – Sweetie what are you drinking?
Patsy – Oh this? Chanel No. 5. 

Eddie – Patsy hasn't eaten since 1974.
Patsy – A crisp, darling. A crisp.

The Original:

Source & Photo: Daily Mail

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