A New Type of Consignment Born Out Of Instagram: MyHauteCloset.com

Examples of the luxury items offered at MyHauteCloset.com

For those of you that have evolved past eBay, do not have the time to visit a brick & mortar consignment store, or have tastes that have evloved a little higher than the typical discount store, MyHauteCloset.com will help lead you into a new era of consignment shopping. Through this website anyone is able to buy and sell  gently used luxury goods without having to do a lot of work. Not to mention, it’s easy and fun.
We can all thank Milysan Troche for creating the luxury site. After posting her designer pieces from Chanel to Versace on Instagram, she quickly gained 30,000 followers and was able to sell items within thirty minutes of posting. When demand rose, Troche learned that the social media site made it too hard to manage the luxury consignment market, inspiring her to create MyHauteCloset.com.
What makes MyHauteCloset.com different from typical consignment shops is the fact that they have “closet concierges.” This means that they take out the risk of buying fake designer goods by researching and authenticating the item, and they will even photograph the item for you. Another bonus is that the website uses collaborative selling platforms to all consignees, allowing you to always have a say in pricing the items.
As MyHauteCloset.com states, the website puts luxury within reach. It gives anyone who has a desire to obtain designer items and provides the opportunity to collect rare or sold-out luxury goods. For those who still believe that “buying luxury is a luxury,” as Troche says, you have just reached a new era of consignment shopping.
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-Lindsay Grundy
Image from MyHauteCloset.com

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