12 Days of Christmas (Shopping) ’11:  Kelley Wishes for Beauty and Simplicity

This holiday season I am wishing for beauty and simplicity!

Tom Ford Makeup Brushes, $45$110
Tom Ford stands for everything luxurious to me, and his makeup brushes are no exception. These brushes would be perfect to paint the faces of my gorgeous clients.

NYX X-Large Makeup Train Case, $500
I’m often on-the-go, and this train case would be perfect as an all-in-one makeup station for travel. No more carrying lights, makeup and separate bags! This NYX Makeup Train Case is all I need.

NARS Candles, $50 each
I love everything about NARS. The boldness, sexiness and sultry names of their products keeps me coming for more. Their candles are always on my list, as I adore candles for my home. Give me NARS’ appeal wrapped up in sweet fragrant candles, and I’m in heaven.

The Row Alligator Backpack, $39,000 – or in smooth calfskin, $3900
Somewhere in dream land, I am dreaming of The Row Alligator Backpack! Okay, so I would have to sell my car, pick up an extra job, or three, sell my right toe and still wish for a miracle, but this backpack is a must. It offers sleek simplicity at its best.

NARS Kabuki Mini Lip Set, $125
I’m not sure if I want to use this or just stare at it all day, but the NARS Kabuki Mini Lip Set is gorgeous. Not only are the colors wearable, but the application becomes a work of art.

Inglot 40 Eyeshadow Freedom Palette $5.00 – $35.00 (empty palette, individual eye shadows)
I fell in love with this line over 3 years ago when I was introduced to it at a New York fashion week party, and I have been hooked ever since. Reasonably priced in, this line has gorgeous pigmented products that will send a makeup artist into a makeup coma. The Inglot 40 pan Eyeshadow Freedom Palette is on top of my list for it’s gorgeous colors and versatility. This palette is a must-have!
—Kelley Epps Woods, Second City Style Beauty Editor & Columnist

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