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How to Dress 10 Years Younger: Do These Shoes Make Me Look Fat?

You know it’s true. Some shoes actually make you look heavier than other shoes, and bigger than you actually are! It’s all about proportions and there are so many exceptions to the rules about shoes that I hesitated to bring this topic up. But it is important. You really do need to try on the shoes, boots or booties with…

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Pret Reporteur: Stylish All Weather Boots

Despite the fact that we’re still a month away from the official start of winter, the weather is already taking a nosedive. Yes, temperatures fell rapidly last week, and many parts of the country have already experienced several inches of snowfall. Since the Polar Vortex decided to come a bit really early this year, it seems only appropriate that we…

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The Thing I'm Loving Today: Givenchy Laura Chain-Link Ankle Boots

The thing I’m loving today and can make me happy for the year are these Givenchy Laura Chain-Link Ankle Boots. I don’t mean the version with the gold chain, nor in the crocodile stamped patent leather, but I love the purity of the smooth leather version, with the gigantic polished silver chain. These boots are exaggerated to perfection and like…

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Finds On A Dime: Stylish Booties for Fall

Everyone knows one of the best parts of autumn is getting to change up your look (better than everything suddenly turning pumpkin flavored!) The mild weather means wearing two pairs of socks isn’t a necessity, and it’s not so warm that skipping a pedicure isn’t a detriment to your look. Booties are a personal favorite of mine for the season…

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Fall '14 Boot Trend: Chelsea Boots

One of our favorite boot trends for fall ’14 is the Chelsea Bootie. They are utilitarian, unfussy, comfortable, go with everything from jeans to dresses and lastly…they are seriously badass! Chelsea boots date back to the Victorian era. In fact, they were originally designed and patented by Queen Victoria’s shoemaker J. Sparkes-Hall, back in 1851. The close fitting ankle boot…

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Phillip Lim Debuts New 3.1 Shoe Collection!

Designer Phillip Lim has already recently expanded his stylistic boundaries to include swimwear and lingerie, and now the designer has (thankfully) decided to turn to shoes. And already they're almost here! The 3.1 phillip lim fall 2009 footwear collection will debut at the end of this month though a specific date has yet to be released. Lim descries the aesthetic…

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