While curating the best Spring 2023 fashion trends for women over 50 we came across some of the worst! Here are 9 of the worst Spring 2023 fashion trends women will want to avoid. 

1.  Abs-olutely Not!

Even if you are 20 and have killer abs, there is too much midriff baring going on here.  The bottoms are too low on the hips and we’re left staring at their midsections. Most women will say “Absolutely not!” to  this trend.

2.  Short  Shorts

Who wears short shorts?  Not me, nor anyone I know. Designers went super brief with their daytime shorts ensembles for spring 2023. Short story? This is another trend to avoid.

3.  Body Armor No Amore

Some of these looks are extreme statements made specifically for the  runway. However, armored looks and breast plates are a trend for spring 2023. Only they seem more dangerous to wear than they would serve to protect you. We aren’t loving the trend.

4.  Not Hip

Designers went all out – only in the wrong direction – with these  hip-enhancing hoop and ruffle skirts. I’m not sure who would wear these looks ... or how they would be able to sit down.

5.  Sheerly  Dumb

We’ve had enough of sheer and unwearable looks for women over 50. But I  was amazed at the sheer looks that are really rather dumb by otherwise  fabulous designers. Did they simply want to get on the sheer bandwagon?

6.  Oversized Sleeves

The oversized shirt and jacket trend has morphed into oversized, overly  long sleeves. These looks give new meaning to “rolling up your sleeves”  because you will certainly need to when you wear them. 

7.  Super High Side Slits

The spring 2023 runways showed super high and gaping slits, and not just  for the beach. We saw this trend creeping in last season, and think the look  is kind of creepy.

8.  Schoolgirl Looks

Schoolgirl looks may be playful when you’re in your 20s or 30s. But when  you are over 50, the boxy jackets, sweaters and buttoned up collars look more schoolmarm than chic. This trend gets a red F!

9.  Puffy  Feet

The last thing anyone wants is puffy feet! However some of the designer puffed up the leather on their shoes for Spring 2023! Some look squishy  and comfortable, but all comfort aside, no woman wants to wear big  blown-up balloon shoes!