WTF Was She Thinking?! NY Fashion Week Fall '08: These Styles Should Have Been Left At Home

Yes, this year’s fall runway was full of fashion winners…but unfortunately a few of the celebs in the front row were fashion losers…

Here’s who topped the list:


Ginnifer Goodwin at Peter Som

Comment: Ginnifer Goodwin is a bit of a plain Jane, so we were glad to see her at the shows. Unfortunately, she could use a bit of a fashion pick-me-up … and not in the form of a shiny red dress with poofy pleated front.

Brooke Shields at J. Mendel

Comment: Really, Brooke, what WERE you thinking? You’re supposed to be in a big fashion-y/girls rule the world type movie … possibly the next Sex and the City. (Ok, we’re exaggerating here, Lipstick Jungle probably will never compete with Carrie Bradshaw.) But, really, Brooke, girls everywhere should look up to you as a fashion icon–especially if you’re making appearances at the biggest runway shows in the world. Did you have to wear this velvety black shawl thing with the arm cutouts?


Amy Adams at Proenza Schouler

Comment: Actress Amy Adams is simply divine. And this copper sequined dress is simply not. It’s pretty and all, but the tone of the dress is all wrong for Amy, who’s hair is the same rusty color making the whole thing a little too matchy-matchy for our taste.


Anne Hathaway at Erin Fetherston

Comment: We loved Anne’s tutu look at the Marchesa presentation. But Anne at the Erin Fetherston runway show–not so much. Sure, it’s great that celebs can play with hair extensions, but the bob doesn’t work for this normally style-savvy fashionista.  We love Erin Fetherston and we love her designs, but this pale pink dress just hangs on Anne and it doesn’t hang well.


Ellen Pompeo at Marc Jacobs

Comment: We applaud Ellen for trying…she’s one of those celebs known more for her pin-thin frame and her acting skills then her fashion stylings. Unfortunately, this burgundy dress just hangs off the actress…and what’s with the ugly sheer underlinings. You’re not supposed to wear visible lingerie to a fashion event…unless of course you’re modeling for Victoria’s Secret. Not classy, Ellen, not classy.


Ali Larter at Calvin Klein

Comment: Sure, Ali, keep thinking you were a hit with your "fashion risk" ensemble.  Sure, this look is cute–for someone in the 1960’s!! We’re happy you have the abs to pull off a tight mock turtleneck belly shirt and high-waist skinny jeans all in white (we sure as hell don’t!) but this look just doesn’t suit the chic and stylish crowd at this year’s Fashion Week.

Oh, and did we mention these are the Fall shows? Stop wearing colors for spring.


Debbie Harry at Marc Jacobs

Comment: Debbie Harry is certainly a rocker legend.  But just because you’re older and a rock star doesn’t mean you can get away with frumpy tie-dye at a fashion show. Debbie, this is a fashion no-no…

Photos: Wireimage, Instyle, People

–Simona Kogan




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  • Vanessa
    February 11, 2008 1:05 am

    Yikes! no kidding, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing that!

  • Fashionable Kiffen
    February 11, 2008 6:39 pm

    I think that Ali Larter’s outfit is an excellent example of “just because you CAN pull it off doesn’t mean you should wear it in public.”

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