White: Get It “In Hand” for Fall

As we all scramble to plan the last of our summer adventures, fashion types everywhere are already looking ahead to the delights of fall (fashion, that is). Those of us who live in climate challenged areas like Los Angeles will have to settle for a subtle change over in accessories to signal our acknowledgement of the dawn of a new season. It will be weeks, or maybe months, before the weather allows us to truly revel in fall fashion.

Fashion traditionalists are already scrambling to plan the last outings for their summer whites before they are retired for the season. They will be probably horrified to learn that just as they put those into storage, the fashion forward will be breaking out the hottest accessory for fall, the white handbag! We all know the rule about white shoes and Labor Day and the rule about matching your bag to your shoes, but then I must ask, is there a “transitive law” about not carrying a white bag after Labor Day? Maybe in general, but not this year!

The FALL white handbag trend

Perhaps the easiest way to embrace this trend is to buy your already favorite Prada Saffiano Tote in white. Admit it, your go-to black one should probably visit the bag and shoe spa to have its feet polished! Likewise, your workaday Balenciaga Bazar Tote comes in black polka dots on white for fall. What better way to stylishly lug around all those things we need throughout the day than with the utterly practical design inspired by Thai market bags.

Lanvin’s Structured Tote Bag is one of the most stylish of the white bag offerings this season and the black handles are so practical. You’ll never see a smudge or stain on them! Honestly, I think this shape is so futuristic and flattering to various body types. My other “must-have” for the season is the Fendi Runaway Regular Tote. I love that the handle is black on one side and white on the other not to mention the new Fendi logo is very chic.

If you need an ultra-chic day bag that can carry you in to evening, then Nancy Gonzalez of exotic skin fame has “THE” bag for you in white crocodile trimmed with a Danish mink bow! Finally, for those SATC girls out there, Chloe’s Nile bracelet bag is the perfect “going out” bag. It’s just big enough for an iPhone 7 Plus and a Christian Louboutin lipstick!

A little new arm candy is the perfect way to celebrate the change in fashion seasons. Just don’t match your shoes to your bag after Labor Day or the Fashion Police might arrest you!

SHOP The white handbag fall trend

Pictured Above (from left to right):

Prada Saffiano Leather Tote, $2,700

Balenciaga XL Bazar Polka Dot Shopper, $2,250

Lanvin Structured Leather Tote, $1,910

Fendi Runaway Regular (Medium) Two-Tone Leather Tote, $2,300

Nancy Gonzalez Mink Fur & Crocodile Shoulder Bag, $4,250

Chloé Small Nile Leather Bracelet Bag, $1,450

–Joseph Ungoco

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