Which Denim Works Best for You?

Which Denim Works Best for You?

Which Denim Works Best for You?

Mon, 2005-10-17 01:00

By Lauren Dimet

We were going to avoid this topic like the plague. Every print fashion magazine under the sun rated “the best denimâ€? in one of their fall issues. It was confusing. Yet, too many Chicago women are wearing jeans that just don’t fit right.

We can’t tell you what denim is the best, because the best denim for each of us… is what looks best on us! However, this raises a new question. How do you know what looks good on you? The perfect pair of jeans makes us feel like we look pretty amazing! They don’t flatten your rear, but rather lift it a bit or make it look smaller, they make your thighs look thinner, and your legs look longer. Did I miss anything?

Here are some styles to ignore at all costs if you are over the age of 25 (even if you have a slamming body):

Too low jeans:
My torso is long so this is a problem for me. I need a rise to be at least 8â€? to avoid the plumber look. The super low-rise jean doesn’t get past my hips. Yet, I don’t want to look like an old lady with jeans up to my breast bone. Please make sure that the world is not exposed to your thong underwear (or worse yet, your granny panties) when you sit. It is offensive. Period. Also see that your t-shirts and tops do not cause a viewing of skin when you sit or raise your hand. The grossest offense going is exposing a middle aged midriff. Don’t worry you can still look hot…covered a bit.

Too tight jeans:
You are fooling nobody. Too tight actually makes you look larger. True, current stretch jeans should be a little snug as they will stretch during the day. However, if you can not sit down, you are going to have some problems. When jeans are too tight one tends to have a spillage problem. The roll of skin has to go somewhere and that can mean the dreaded ‘muffin top’ (when a roll of fat spills over the top of your jeans). Don’t be obsessed with the size. Every cut is different and you can’t be upset if in one style you take a 27 and another you take a 30. Get over it.

Too old jeans:
If your jeans were purchased in the 90’s, were your college boyfriend’s, are Levi’s or Gap, are really faded and have a tag the reads “women’sâ€? chances are they are too old. These jeans come up too high and taper at the bottom. The look is rarely flattering. Besides, once you try 2% spandex, you will never go back to 100% cotton jeans again.

Wrong color:
If you want to camouflage any imperfections or problem areas, go dark. The deeper the blue, the more you hide. If you want to accent your imperfections, then stick with faded jeans. Dark jeans with faded areas draw attention right to that faded area. Therefore, if you want to make your thighs look smaller, avoid any prefab fading in the thigh area of the jeans.

Small pockets:
This rule is easy and was taught to me by my best friend in college (thank you). The larger the pocket, the smaller your butt looks. Easy, right?

Where to buy denim

Our vote is to find a place where the sales people don’t only help, but know denim and the lines they carry. Ask for help. Tell the sales person what you like and are trying to hide. If you have a big butt, say so. They have issues too! It will save you hours of frustration and therapy. Also, keep an open mind to brands. Even if you have your heart set on a pair of True Religions and they look horrible on you, then you just wasted your money. Just because they look great on Teri Hatcher, does not mean they will look great on you.

Here are some Chicago area denim stores we like because their knowledgeable staffs know their stuff:

Sugar Magnolia – Ask for Miguel. The man is a genius.
E Street Denim – weekend staff tends to be younger and less helpful. Try weekdays if you can.
Barney’s Co-Op on Halsted – Kristin knows her denim and she doesn’t mess around.
The Blue Jeans Bar – recently opened at 2210 N. Halsted. Scottie (the owner) has years of experience and they carry 30 brands.

If you have a hard body to fit and think you can’t wear jeans, try Plain Jane. They will custom make your jeans for less than $200 and you pick your denim and thread color.

See SecondCityStyle’s Shop Chicago directory for addresses.

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