Vintage Holiday Sparkle: Chandelier Earrings!

Vintage Jewelry Chandelier Earrings

This time of year definitely has a feeling.The temperature drops, and the pomp and circumstance of the holiday season starts to emerge. You know this in the back of your mind as you start to piece together your upcoming holiday party outfits down to the final detail. And when it comes to dressing for the holidays, it’s all about the details. So let’s celebrate a major one this time around…jewelry. Most importantly: the chandelier earring.

Earrings and jewelry (in some form) have been used as an adornment to the human body since humans began to walk the earth. The history is so rich that it would probably take an entire book to write about it and how styles, textures, and materials have evolved throughout the years. In most recent decades we’ve seen beautiful art deco chandelier styles of the 1920s and 30s, and a reemergence of the chandelier earring as everyday wear beginning again in the 1960s to the present. A little gap during the 1940s and 50s seemed to turn out more conservative options like pearl studs, statement posts and smaller hoops. The chandelier earring waxed and waned throughout the years depending on how “on trend” it was, but it has somehow remained a mainstay for evening and bridal attire regardless of the decade. This proves to me that this style is definitely a timeless look.

Chandelier earrings are not a tricky look to pull off. Just make sure to minimize all of you other accessories. If you want to do a chandelier, then there’s no need for a necklace and in many cases you don’t even need a bracelet or ring. You can go super glam with a diamond sparkle, or still make a statement with a gold or silver toned pair. Though evening or party attire is typical when debuting the chandelier earring, you can mix it up a bit and wear a pair with your favorite super flare jeans and a tuxedo jacket with a sleek pop of color clutch and still turn heads at your office holiday party. Don’t miss out on adding a little more sparkle to your life!

1. Swarovski Sensation Pierced Earrings, $160

2. Grace Kelly, 1956, wearing Joseff of Hollywood Chandelier Earrings

3. Devon Leigh Gray Freshwater Pearl Multi-Circle Chandelier Earrings, $450

4. Vintage Art Deco Rhinestone Earrings, $80

5. David Yurman Sculpted Cable Chandelier Earrings with Gold Domes, $950

6. Vintage Christian LaCroix Oriental Chandelier Earrings, $285

– Carmen Turner

Image Layout: Second City Style

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