Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas You Will Love

Even if you don’t usually care too much about Valentine’s Day, this is the year to get into the spirit, because do you really have anything better to do? Why not add a few Valentine’s Day decor items to your home? After all, even if you are not working from home, you’re probably staying at home a lot more these days. For those of us who aren’t big fans of white doilies and tiny red hearts, there are plenty of cool-looking Valentine’s Day home decor ideas and options. They don’t cost a fortune either. In fact, you may love some of these so much, you will  keep them out all year long. They are not for Valentine’s Day only!

Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

A bright shot of red is the easiest way to give your home a cheerful look that says Valentine’s Day. There are so many gorgeous shades of red in different fabrics and textures that will make your heart sing. Here’s what I found.

Red Accent Throws and Pillows

This cozy plush red throw is a perfect accent for you sofa and you can snuggle up in it too. Yes, you can find many heart shaped throw pillows but almost as kitschy (but actually quite chic) is this black and red zebra print pillow cover. This throw pillow will make a wild statement in your home, either in your living room on a side chair or on your bed.

Aromatherapy In Red

This beautiful red glass Illume Winsome Reed Diffuser or this yummy cinnamon scented pillar candle will add an air of romance to your home as well as relaxing aromatherapy. Fragrances can put you in a lovely mood!

Red Metallic

Or how about listening to music with these striking red metallic Lexon mini speakers? These tiny speakers may be all you need to make a bright statement in your home for Valentine’s Day.

Heart Shaped Bowls

I’m not a huge fan of heart shaped items, but I adore these wooden heart shaped bowls from Shopbop @Home. The hearts are subtle and the bowls are also so useful! Serve a variety of snacks and maybe red candy hearts in one of the bowls. They look amazing with nothing in them too! You will find yourself using these year round.

Red Bath Towels and Sets

If you don’t want to change up your entire home for Valentine’s Day you can add this wonderful classic floral Merrimekko hand towel in red and pink, or a bath set in ruby red like this one from Nameeks to your bath room.

Valentine’s Door Mat

Last but not least you can spread the love to your family or whoever drops by, even if it is only your mail carrier. This Threshold™ Love Door Mat from Target for only $13 will do the trick.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day 2021 at home and make it brighter with these simple home decor ideas.

Shop Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

(Pictured above from left to right.)

Illume Winsome Reed Diffuser, $40

oFloral Red and Black Zebra Print Throw Pillow Case 18”x18”, $10.99

Nordstrom Bliss Plush Throw, $39.50

Shopbop @Home The Little Market Heart Bowl Set of 3, $54

Wicks n More Red Hot Cinnamon Scented Candles, 3X4 Pillar, $28

Lexon MINO PLUS 2-Pack Bluetooth® Speakers, $49

Marimekko Unikko Floral Jacquard Hand Towel, $29

Nameeks Gedy Bathroom Accessories Set in Ruby Red, $66.95

Target Threshold™ 1’6″x2’6″ Love Door Mat Red, $13

Carol Calacci

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  1. Though Valentine’s Day isn’t one I decorate for, I admit that reed diffuser and the red mini speakers look so attractive. I wouldn’t mind having those year-round in our home. Great choices, Lauren!


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