Today's Fashion Headlines. June 11, 2012.

Harvey Nichols New Campaign
Well, this is something you wouldn’t necessarily see in America. While many stores are having their mid-summer sale, high-end British department store Harvey Nichols decided to do something different and sent out a mailer this week that showed models with wet spots on their crotches. The fliers were printed with the words “The Harvey Nichols sale: try to contain your excitement.” (Editor note: HA!)
According to a Nichols spokesperson, it was all in good fun:

We developed the campaign to promote our summer sale and capture the excitement in a light-hearted, humorous way… The images in our advertising were designed to be a visual representation of a well-known phrase.
During the production of the campaign, we researched the use of this expression in popular culture and social media and were satisfied that is is both commonplace and invariably used in a playful, inoffensive manner, which was in-keeping with the tongue-in-cheek spirit in which we intended our campaign to be taken.

Oh, That Kate!
Miss Middleton is showing that even the future queen of England can stay thrifty. Duchess Kate Middleton wore a pair of sparkling earrings to Tuesday’s Diamond Jubilee festivities that were, ironically, not made from diamonds. US Weekly reports that they’re a combination of cubic zirconia and “ground-up freshwater pearls reconstituted with resin,” available as part of designer Belinda Hadden’s “Fabulous Fakes” collection. They only cost £48 ($75) but don’t go looking for them. They’re already sold out (per usual).
A French court delivered a blow to shoe designer Christian Louboutin’s red-sole trademark last week after it ruled in favor of the local subsidiary of clothing chain Zara over the right to sell red-soled shoes.
Christian Louboutin Loses Appeal Against Zara
The Cour de Cassation, the final court of appeal, upheld a June 2011 decision by a court of appeal in favor of Zara, owned by Spanish manufacturing giant Inditex, and sentenced Louboutin to pay Zara 2,500 euros, or $3,600 at current exchange, as compensation. Louboutin had accused Zara France of counterfeiting an open-toed shoe similar to its Yo Yo model.The court siad that before the original ruling Louboutin had not yet contained a Pantone color reference for their famed red soles, nor was there a risk of confusion of the $70 Zara pair of similar shoes.
InStyle Snags Tory Burch
Tory Burch is joining InStyle magazine as a monthly advice columnist, starting with the July issue out next week. Burch will answer questions for the magazine’s sporadic “Ask a designer” column. She’s taking over for Rachel Roy, whose last column appeared in the June issue. Before her, Marchesa’s Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman took stabs at the feature.
In the inaugural column, Burch takes three questions from readers. To a 35-year-old woman with two kids looking for a timeless bag, Burch recommends Celine’s $3,250 Trapeze. Another reader wants to know what looks good on women with long torsos and short legs. A high-waist skirt or a caftan, Burch answers. In a sidebar, Burch also gets to plug celebrities who’ve worn her designs. The designer will also be one of the star contributors to the magazine’s Pinterest page, which is launching Friday. Jessica Alba is also doing her own board. A spokeswoman for InStyle didn’t know for how long Burch’s column will run.
– Taneisha Jordan
Source: NYMag; WWD
Photo: NYMag

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