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Get A Facial In A Flash! Skin Laundry at Ulta Beauty

Got 15 minutes? How about a Skin Laundry Laser & Light Facial? It’s a mild, effective and affordable facial with no down time. Consider trying Skin Laundry at Ulta Beauty in Chicago at the Michigan Avenue location. No, seriously.

Skin Laundry, known as “the Drybar of Facials” is an LA-based brand is notorious for its signature 15-minute Laser & Light Facial. It’s already popular on both the east and west coasts, internationally and now we have Skin Laundry in Chicago.


I don’t have a lot of time and I don’t care for facial peels and treatments that require a lot of down time so I tried a Skin Laundry facial because I can spare 15 minutes so this appealed to me. I have to say I truly loved it!

The treatment involves two main steps: the YAG laser and the IPL (intense pulsed light).  The first step feels a little like needles lightly pricking your skin. It doesn’t hurt and it vaporizes dirt and excess sebum from pores. Yes, it “laundered” my skin.  The second part (the IPL) is a series of flashing lights pressed onto your skin which works to help fade acne scars and is totally painless. The treatment benefits include a reduction in pigmentation and a boost in collagen, too. Now that’s a win-win!

My facial was administered by Registered Nurse Katie, a certified Skin Laundry technician. She checked up on a medication I was taking to make sure the procedure would be OK for me. I liked the precaution the company took just for me and Katie and I had fun chatting, too! Although it only took 15 minutes so she was done in a flash!

After the treatment my skin immediately felt smooth to the touch, and the color looked brighter.  There is no down time with this procedure so you can get on with your day. I still had my eye makeup and lipstick on, but I did not want put makeup on my face right away. Katie also prescribed how often I should return to Skin Laundry (4 times a month) and some product recommendations, like the Skin Laundry Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask which I used that night to seal the hydrating deal!

For Skin Laundry’s full line of products and to book an appointment at Ulta Beauty visit skinlaundry.com.

Ulta Beauty | 430 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611 | 312.527.9045

– Carol Calacci

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Disclosure: Service received free for review, but opinions are my own.



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