Shopping With Andra. Travel. A Fashionable Arrival


Andra Naylor for Second City Style Magazine

I went to the airport six times last week. That’s a lot of traveling, much strategic packing, and many travel-friendly outfit

choices. For those of you who travel a lot or even just frequently,

I’ve put some thought into simplifying this routine and making your

travel wardrobe work for you. I’ll stay away from what to pack, as that

clearly depends on whichever fabulous destination you’re headed to. But

for long plane rides, quick jaunts or even the dreaded airport delay, here are some basics to keep you road warriors looking fashionably fresh.

It’s important to layer the day of your travel. You never know if

the plane will be too hot or too cold, and the terminals are just as

unpredictable. Comfort is key, but you’ll see no Juicy jumpsuits or

just-out-of-bed looks in this column. In the early days of air travel,

people wore their very best when they headed to the airport, and I

don’t think that tradition should completely slip away. After all, you

never know who you’ll see… like a celebrity passing through!

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