Push Pumps: My Shoe Wish List…If Money Were No Object

Nobody told me my feet were going to grow (and stay this gargantuan size) when I had children. Had I known, I might not have invested in my expensive and now unwearable designer shoe collection. Sitting in their original boxes in my closet are some YSL’s, Loubies & Blahniks that will never again see the light of day. I suppose it’s time to sell them on eBay. i just keep deluding myself that my feet will shrink back. The replacement shoes I am afraid are nowhere as luxurious. Besides, now that I am pregnant with my second I fear my feet are growing another half size! Since I know this bambino will be my last, it got me thinking…what shoes would I really like once I know my new permanent shoe size? You know, if money were no object.

I had never heard of  “push presents” before I moved to NYC. I suspect it’s an Upper East Side thing. My husband, the consummate New Yorker however, claims he has never heard of them either and therefore thinks I am crazy. I know most women probably want diamonds, watches and other jewels when they give birth, and hell, I wouldn’t mind those either. But what I really want are shoes. Lots and lots of shoes! I am talking a shoe spree of epic proportions. A girl can dream can’t she? The idea was planted when I saw and now drool over this season’s Chanel Mosaic Tile sandals. They are insane. But they didn’t make the cut.

Anyway, here are the other 10 shoes I wouldn’t mind right about now (and lets’ face it, why should any be under $350?):

1. Dior ‘Temptation’ Sandal, $860

2. Jimmy Choo ‘Polar’ Sandal, $395

3. Yves Saint Laurent ‘Palais’ Peep Toe Pump, $750

4. Brian Atwood ‘Maniac’ Covered Platform Pump, $580

5. Guisseppe Zantoni Snake-Effect Leather T-Bar Sandals, $595

6. Giuseppe Zanotti Python-Effect Brushed Leather Ballerina Flats, $495

7. Nicholas Kirkwood Peep Toe Wedge, $835

8. Fendi Genuine Snakeskin Platform Pump, $835

9. Raphael Young Panther Printed Leather Ankle Boots, $950

10. Jimmy Choo ‘Urge’ Peep Toe Clog Bootie, $595

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Image Layout: Molly Murphy

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  • A Day 7 years ago Reply

    I’m with you on those 2 Jimmy Choo’s! I bought a red polar on their pre-sale yesterday ro 30% off!

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