Project Runway All Stars, Season 2 Episode 12: Finale. Go Big or Go Home. Memorable Quotes from Last Night's Episode.


Well, it’s all over! Last night a designer on Project Runway All Stars Season 2 was crowned worthy of the title and beyond amazing prize. With little time to rest, the last three remaining designers are challenged to create runway ready looks and compose a runway show in only four days. Each designer got to choose the themes of their show, the music, the models, and thankfully for them, the number of pieces in their collection.

After an hour and a half at Mood and a $3,000 spending budget, each designer had a clear vision for their final collection in mind. Considering she has been quite successful with white and ivory in the past, Uli decided to shoot for a “Winter Wonderland” show. Emilio took inspiration from his mothers work history and created a collection called “Urban Plantation” which was full of designer men’s work clothes. Anthony Ryan recreated his experiences on Project Runway with a collection deemed, “The Thin Line.”

Just as the designers began to work, Carolyn walked in and scared the designers into thinking another twist was headed their way. Luckily in the finale, the producers seemed to be on the designers side and made an effort to grow their collections by enlisting the help of some of the fallen designers. Anthony Ryan asked Joshua to return but Joshua snubed the idea and is too hurt at this point to continue on so Kayne is chosen instead. Uli worked with best buddy Casanova, and Emilio chose a Project Runway runner-up, Althea. While Althea and Kayne worked hard to produce great collection, Casanova decided it was more helpful to take a nap instead. I can’t say I blame his decision, Uli probably was better off on her own. That night the group gathered together for a final toast and relaxation period before the runway show.


Judges Margherita Missoni, Liv Tyler, Isaac Mizrahi, Georgina Chapman and Carolyn Murphy

On the day of the runway, designers had three hours to complete their looks and make their models runway ready. The shows took place at the magnificent Gotham Hall in New York and guest judges from the past like Elie Tahari, Cynthia Rowley, and Mondo attended. Guest judges included Liv Tyler and daughter of the Missoni fashion house empire, Margherita Missoni.



Emilio showed first with an army of beautiful, big haired models embellished with red lipstick and a red “Rose the Riveter” head band. His collection was very complete and took influence from the past but with a modern touch of color and style. According to the judges, the looks are both commercial and editorial, but Emilio failed to take enough risks and often went too junior.


Anthony Ryan

Anthony Ryan showed his “Thin Line” collection paired with fierce techno music. His lines were very polished, clean, and modern. He did an amazing job with the exception of the all important finale look. The dress looked too rushed and puckered to fit with the clean look of the rest of the collection. The judges loved the collection, one dress in particular, but thought he needed a repetition of lengths in his dresses to make it a complete collection.



Uli showed last with beautifully styled fur covered models. Her models looked the most put together and interesting as far as beauty and hair went. Her gowns were ornate and interesting, but she had a heavy hand when using the fur. Judges agreed that too much faux fur took the taste level down quite a bit, but they loved the fairy tale aspect of the collection and the emotion Uli captured with the different textures alone.

Uli was crowned third place and quickly fled off stage. With much anticipation, Anthony Ryan was finally crowned winner of Project Runway All Stars Season 2.


Anthony Ryan, “You are the winner of Project Runway All Stars Season 2!”

Memorable Quotes:

“Oh! Red, white, and blue!” – Emilio

“It’s not just about making pretty clothing. I want to make a statement.” – Emilio

“No twist, I don’t see a button bag.” – Anthony Ryan

“Joshua is more hurt than he let on.” – Emilio

“I never do the muslin.” – Uli

“He’s like a baby you know.” – Uli

“For me sewing is like having s*x.” – Casanova

“How many dresses can a woman buy from the same line if they all look the same.” – Emilio

“I will make you 25 dresses if you want.” – Casanova

“Let’s make some beautiful.” – Kayne

“I have a nice big empty suite case for all that money.” – Uli

“I mean I’m gonna throw up.” – Anthony Ryan

“I’m cutting corners wherever I have to.” – Emilio

“We have one time, one shot.” – Emilio

“How do you make people laugh or cry over textures?” – Isaac

“It’s those crazy *ss times that you really find the best of yourself.” – Anthony Ryan

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– Kendall Hill

Photos: Lifetime

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