Prepping Your Valentine’s Day Pucker with Sara Happ!

sara happ lips scrubs in pink boxes

It’s Valentine’s Week, Chicago! The season of love is upon us and there’s no better way to gear up for some serious romance than to prep your pucker. We got to do just that last week at Lincoln Park beauty boutique Blue Mercury with the  purveyor of luxury lips, Sara Happ! Happ flew into the Chicago winter from sunny L.A.. just to help us Midwestern gals combat the cold by creating a glowing, kissable pout in time for Valentine’s Day.

Happ’s arsenal of lip products are designed specifically to exfoliate, hydrate and heal. Her sleek glosses, adorable pots of scrubs and color-infused slips create lasting moisture using ingredients and technology that moisturize all day, without flaking or drying. We were thrilled to get a one-on-one consultation with Happ herself and a sweet-as-candy application with one of the delicious sugar scrubs (we chose Sparkling Peach!). Happ explained her lip scrubs are designed to eliminate dry, flaky skin, leaving lips ridiculously soft and supple. And as a bonus, the bit of sugar left over after the treatment is perfectly edible!

sara happ sparking grapefruit lip scrub and heart candy

sara happ lip scrubs multiple flavors with bows

Following out treatment, we slicked on a pale pink Sara Happ Slip, her subtle-toned collection of glosses, and planted a smooch on a card for our lip shape reading from a lipsologist (apparently there are only about 3 in the country!) Similar to a palm reading, the lipsologist identifies personality traits by analyzing the shape and aspects of your lips. The takeaways from mine were that it was a full, round shape with a bit of a cupid’s bow which meant I like harmony and to keep the peace. I dislike controversy and am a lover, not a fighter. It also projects a “Mom” shape (like a Mom kissing you on the cheek and leaving her lipstick print) which means children and pets are drawn to me. Not too shabby of an analysis! Pretty dead on too.

Sara happ Happy lips card

Lip-reader-with Alia-Rajput-At-Blue-Mercury
Getting my lips read!

Between the lip treatments, readings, heart-shaped balloons, pink bellinis, and pink heart truffles, love was definitely in the air with Sara Happ and the ever gracious Blue Mercury team. It was a fun and unique event, and the perfect way to kick off the Valentine’s season!

sara happ lip glosses red neutral

For more info, visit or shop Sara Happ at Blue Mercury, 2208 N. Halsted, Chicago, IL.

– Alia Rajput Close

Photos: Second City Style

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