Oh No You Didn't! Four Celebrities And Their Looks That Didn't Work

Did you ever have a friend who wore the most glamorous lace dress and then completely messed up the look by adding a pair of sky-high patent leather peep toe heels? Yes, we've all had that friend. 

Unfortunately, in the effort to look stylish and make a statement in public, celebrity fashionista risk-takers do this all the time. And most of the time, it doesn't work!


Looks like that's exactly what Slumdog Millionaire star Frieda Pinto did here when she paired her amazing Louis Vuitton with a white Peter Pan collar with Dana Davis pumps that just don't look like they go together.  She would have been better off in a pair of cool white rounded flats for Spring. 


She's not the only one! Whether it's blingy jewelry or a big, billowy top, Beyonce likes to overwhelm us with over-the-top trendy looks.  She does it again here in this two-tone Marc Jacobs dress with polka-dots all over. I'm not sure what I hate worse–the actual dress (sorry, MJ!) or the fact that Beyonce is wearing it!


Talk about neon overload! Elizabeth Banks wore a micro print dress AND pink striped platform wedges to an event in Los Angeles.  The micro print dress stood out on its own and she could have easily added silver or white stilettos to the mix, but those pink striped wedges suddenly added an overwhelming feeling that overpowered the entire outfit.  Big time no no!


Actress Rose Byrne is known for her fashionista tendencies and the fact that she can look great in almost any kind of look, whether its menswear or a dainty dress.  At the Chanel Tribeca Film Festival Artists Dinner, she wore a black dress with a white pattern on the bottom. What stood out though wasn't the tulle skirt or her gorgeous bangs, but that ugly bib necklace a the neckline. Totally through off the dress! Now I'm not sure if this is part of the ensemble or she added it in and I'm definitely not sure if it's the designer's fault or hers, but I do think she could have gone with one of her more classic, stylish menswear looks for this event. It doesn't work!

Photos: People

–Simona Kogan



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