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Ask and ye shall receive. After reviewing the DKNY collection earlier in the week I was hoping and praying for something a bit more palatable and with more of the classic Karan we all know and love — and I was not disappointed. While the big pockets did push the envelope with me a bit, it somehow worked given the abundance of natural material like cotton, linen, leather and wood. Think causal without being crass.

And while Karan’s collection didn’t shake up any tents or cause a debate in what’s sexy — besides, sexy is as sexy does, baby — it does flatter the female form, go from day to night in a flash and makes you look like an woman, not a woman trying to recapture a youth that may or may not have ever existed.

Karan’s palette was beautiful and basic with black, white, shades of gray and a yellow-based taupe all providing a foundation for dresses and skirts with below the knee hemlines, elegant pant ensembles and even a pair of season-appropriate shorts. Instead of playing with hemlines Karan focused on a shifting neckline. Off-the-shoulder styles mingled pleasantly with halter tops, V-necks and even some high crew-style necklines. Cinched waists (with WIDE belts) dominated the collection and cute cropped jackets helped give the collection a well-edited look.

She worked wonders with jersey, per usual but made linen and cotton sexy and curve-friendly nonetheless. Leather piping on linen suits, wooden buttons and wide belts with brown leather detail gave the collection even more natural charm.

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