Not Sure What to Get Mom? The Accessories Council Mother's Day Top Picks

A picture of all 14 Mother's Day picks

I'm really not one to do a Mother's Day gift guide post. OK, that's not entirely true since I am now a mother and have a vested interest. The holiday has a whole new meaning to me now. However, since inevitably around every Valentine's Day we start to get inundated with requests for Mother's Day gift guides I have come to dread all the suggestions. So we decided not to do one this year. That was until I was invited to attend Accessories Council’s Mother’s Day Top Picks Tweet-Up this past Tuesday evening.

A select group of media and bloggers were invited to the Marchon eyewear showroom across from Byrant Park, where Accessories Council (AC) president Karen Giberson with entrepreneur and Izzibag designer Anne Agoren unveiled the AC’s top 14 picks for Mother’s Day 2011. Some of them were really good! I was pleasantly surprised! In fact, I really am going to give one thing to my mother…I'll tell you about that later.

The event was sponsored by Maria Brito ( who helps wealthy clients curate an art, wine and/or interior design collection (by the way, I had to look that up because it wasn't totally clear what she did at the event). The other sponsor was Rouge Tomate ( a local restaurant at 10. E. 60th St. whose tasty, sustainable and healthy cookies I scarfed down before the event even began (hey I'm pregnant and hungry!) Yum!

Michael Kors sunglasses, GoodCharma bracelet, Colette Malouf purple silk headband, Noon watch and Givenchy necklace

Here is a rundown of some of the 14 picks:

1. Nine West tote ( with attached makeup bag. Which was perfect for carrying home the other items. It's not available yet, but will be soon. My friend Sarah Conley from loved it!

2. Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream Moisture-rich no-suds shampoo ( I have actually written about this product before and was just running out so I was thrilled to be receiving another bottle. I'm a HUGE fan of latherless shampoo. It has changed my hair. If you have not tried it yet, you should.

3. Colette Malouf  headband ( I just attended her fall collection 2011 preview with Sarah (see review here) and am totally crazy for her 20's inspired collection so I was giddy when I learned that I would receive on of her headbands. This one momma kept and in fact wore yesterday. I will be adding more to my collection.

4. Givenchy necklace ( I have to admit I am sort of a fan of the blinged out necklace we received. I'm not sure I can personally wear it since I can't wear jewelry that isn't pure gold or silver (not much costume for me I'm afraid) without breaking out in hives. Yet, I know a few mom's that would love this necklace and will pass it on to a worthy momma friend.

The Judith Jack Perfect Match pendant

5. Good Charma gold charm bracelet ( Now this sweet petite gold beaded charm bracelet I love. In fact, I have not taken it off since I got it! If I could find a few more I would snap them up in a heartbeat because I think it would look even better with a few friends, but alas I can't find it on their website. I may have to bribe a few of my friends from the event for theirs. However, there is a huge selection to chose from for mom…or yourself.

6. Judith Jack Perfect Match pendant ( This wearable necklace features a deep blue stone backed by mother-of-pearl pendant (reversible) in silver surrounded with marcasite. The 36-inch chain has additional marcasite accents that can be worn at various lengths. Judith Jack is available at Nordstrom.

7. Skymall ( My friends laughed at me during the event when I got super excited about SKYMALL! Don't judge! That catalogue is the first thing I grab on a plane as soon as I sit. I love perusing all the useful and useless gadgets I wish I had thought of myself. I have even been known to order a few things here and there (like my covetable luggage tags). So when my purple Noon watch arrived with a gift card…my evening was made!

My new summer 2011 hat

8. Michael Kors Sunglasses. Happy Mother's Day Mom! I could not have picked out a more perfect pair of shades for my mom if I had spent the day at Bergdorf's! These are so my mom, it's unreal. Her motto with sunglasses is "go big or go home!" Jackie O had nothing on her. My mom still owns a pair of Gucci's form the 70's that are so retro, they are back. I can't wait to send these to her!

9. Callanan hat ( I know I need to wear a hat and have been really trying in the summer. I was really sold on these hats because the brims are flexible which means they are easy to pack. Check out the one I picked (pictured). I figure my husband and I can share it!

10. Photoworks by Susan Beard ( What a great gift idea! This is perfect for the sentimental mom. Email Wax Works Photo six pictures (of your kids, dogs, boyfriends…whatever) and they will turn them into a wooden keepsake box, brushed with bee’s wax, transforming the photos into a work of art. I'm waiting for the birth of my next nugget and then I'll have a cube made of my kids and dog! A Mother's Day gift to me!

Thanks Accessories Council for introducing some great gifts ideas to me and for a wonderful evening with old and new friends. Happy Mother's Day!

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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  • renata
    April 20, 2011 11:11 pm

    i was there too, it was so amazing!! My mom snatched the Judith Jack necklace before I could even present it to her, and I am obsessed with my colette Malouf headband. Ill be doing a post soon, but you already know what will be in it!
    Congrats on motherhood

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