Strategically Shopping The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale

It’s that wonderful time of the year! time for The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale! I remember running to Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue when I lived in Chicago as soon as it began. Literally. I had already plotted my purchases and had my credit cards ready. Today I shop the sale online since I will do whatever it takes not to step foot inside a store if I can help it. The key to getting the most of this sale is to be strategic. What do I mean? Read on.


So here’s the deal. Since everything is 40% off and current (meaning it’s not the stuff that goes on sale that nobody wants) you should plan on sticking to investment pieces and/or items you know you will wear constantly. I know you might be thinking “I might be able to get these same luxury items for even less at Nordstrom Rack.” Well probably not and if you do find them they will be at the end of the season. Why not enjoy wearing them during the season while they are hot? You friends will be jealous. You will never see another sale that gives you 40% off luxury items before the season even begins anywhere but this sale so go ahead and figure out your cost per wear and snag those items now. If you have been wanting a Burberry trench coat BUY IT NOW. You know you will wear that coat for the rest of your life! The cost per wear is therefore mere dollars.

Also look for items that may not cost that much but you know you will wear to death. Look for leggings, sweatshirts, sneakers, jeans and cute trendy tops. Those you can find for way under $100 during this sale. Don’t fall into that trap of, “Oh how cute, I would never normally wear a crazy pattern dress, but for $68 why not?” Well that crazy dress is going to sit in your closet with the tags on for years and that’s not very strategic now is it?

So in the end I say go really high (luxury) or go low, but only on those pieces you know you will actually wear.

The sale ends this Sunday, June 4 so get shopping! Don’t drag your feet either because come Monday these same items will be at full retail prices again.

Here are some of my strategic picks!


Find your own treasures at the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale here!


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