Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Jeans You Must Snag Now!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Jeans You Must Snag Now!

I’m of the opinion if you are to buy only one thing from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, your best bet is jeans. Why? Well let’s face it…we never have enough pairs and some of the best deals found during this sale are on jeans so now is the perfect time to stock up in your denim wardrobe for fall.

It might surprise you to know that I’m a fairly strategic shopper. Yes, I have made the occasional impulse purchase, but it usually leaves me feeling guilty and the item more often than not gets returned which therefore is a total waste of my time and energy. Yet, when it comes to the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I plan, plan, plan. I love this sale because if you are like me and like to get a jump on fall trends (in July) and would be even happier if they were on sale then this is the sale to attack with gusto.

I remember years ago when I lived in Chicago and internet shopping wasn’t like it is today, I would receive the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalogue and study it carefully. I’d dog ear all the items I was interested in and would then be prepared to pounce once the sale started and I could get into the store. Now you don’t even have to go to the store! Simply order everything online. Why do I say this? Well I know jeans shopping is hard to master online. So my advice is to order several pairs and return the ones that don’t work for you.

The best denim deals are going to be on premium brands like AG, rag & bone, Hudson, 7 For All Mankind and the like where you can save about $100. However, that does not mean you should feel those are the only jeans worth your while. I love BlankNYC and Wit & Wisdom too and at under $100 they are certainly worth checking out.

I will go through why I picked each of the pairs I have below.


Find your own treasures at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access here.

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