New Classes At Exhale Chicago = New Body For You

New Classes At Exhale Chicago

Summer is in full swing and exhale is offering new fitness classes to give you your best toned body. Or if you are already in shape the new classes at exhale will inspire you to keep your fitness on track. Don’t let the lazy days of summer suck you in! There are 2 new classes at exhale, Cardio Revamped and Barre+Yoga.

exhale Barre+Yoga

I have taken many core fusion and cardio classes at exhale but wanted to try a yoga class, so what could be better than a combo of Barre+Yoga? I attended a class at Exhale Chicago Gold Coast, instructed by the always upbeat and cheerful John, who I adore. He explains every move, and comes around to make adjustments while he motivates you to keep moving! And that’s what this class is all about.

In the one hour class, the first 8-10 minutes are dedicated to stretching and strengthening your arms and upper body with light dumbbells. I’m pretty strong, but trust me, take the 2 lb weights as backup. They may be all you need. Flowing right in, the next part of the class is a fairly complete balance barre section, where you use your own body weight with plies and leg work to tone, tone, tone (and you can feel it, feel it, feel it) but in a good way! Don’t worry if you are new to this, John will tell you what to do and you can watch others in the class. It’s totally low impact, so it is safe.

New Classes At Exhale Chicago John Instructor

New Classes At Exhale Chicago John Yoga Flow instructor New Classes At Exhale Chicago John yoga flow sequence

Then the last half hour is the yoga flow part of the session.  The yoga flow moves from one move to the next, and never holds a position as is common in most yoga classes. John is demonstrating one of the flow moves in the photos above. The result is invigorating, strengthening and improves your flexibility. (I likened it to a much less dreadful form of power yoga, if you have ever tried it, and John gave a nod to my analogy.) The class finishes up with seated yoga poses and core ab work, and ends with a mindful moment in Savasana.

exhale Chicago

Visit exhale Chicago Gold Coast before summer is over and experience a new (or old) class today!

exhale Chicago Gold Coast  |  945 North State Street, Chicago, IL 60610  | 312-753-6500

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– Carol Calacci

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Class provided for review.

Photos: Second City Style

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