My Must-Have Fashion List For Fall ’16

My Must-Have Fashion List For Fall ’16

I already have a ton of clothes. Just ask my husband (and I swear I purge my closet at least once a year). Yet, every (late) summer I study the fall trends and make a list of what I feel I need to add to my wardrobe so I am ready as soon as that first 60 degree day hits. Some call it a wish list, some might call it a shopping list…I call it my ‘must-have list.’ Mind you, that doesn’t stop me from adding more items as I see fit or when a great, can’t miss sample sale comes my way, but these are the items I don’t mind paying full price for because I know I want them now and will wear to death all season.

Some of the trends I bought last year and know I will wear again this year are: an investment Riverside Blue cashmere coat, a black leather jacket (if you don’t have one yet this MUST be on your list this year), my slightly ripped boyfriend jeans (OK so I have a few pairs), a cashmere crewneck sweater in black, a Riverside Blue (I didn’t know it would be a Pantone color this season) wool dolman sleeve sweater, two black midi skirts (one pencil, one pleated), black wide leg pants, wide leg jeans, black skinny jeans, a floral print feminine blouse, menswear shoes, a cashmere beanie hat, some silk scarves I adore and a few other things that are not coming to mind right now, but I’m sure will one I start my closet transition.

I did knit quite a few chunky sweaters last winter so I’m good there, but should I decide to knit another one (and I will), it will have extra long arms since that seems to be a major trend this season. They won’t drag on the floor or anything, but they will come a few inches past my fingers and flare out a bit.

Oh and am I thankful I didn’t listen to my husband and get rid of my black double-breasted military coat I have had since college! Yes, that’s right. He hates it, but I bet he is going to love it when I tell him I can always buy a new one for a few grand (which is what my designer vintage coat would probably cost today, by the way). I will wear it with my pajama bottom pants which I also bought last year (I may try to find another pair on sale at some point) which was the look at the Spring Burberry Prorsum runway show. Sorry this, post is getting away from me. I just get so excited for fall fashion. It’s like my Christmas!

Back to my must-have list for Fall ’16:

1. Plaid Coat: I love this T by Alexander Wang Fringed Blanket Shawl Collar Coat, $950, because it has plaid and fringe! And not too much fringe. I like just a touch. 

2. Velvet Jeans: Rag & Bone Velvet Skinny Jeans in Wine, $225. I am obsessed with both velvet jeans and the color wine this season. Since velvet is such a big trend I am actually surprised I am not seeing more velvet jeans at lower price points. Yet. However, Rag & Bone make some of the best fitting jeans. Period.

3. Olive Trench: Coat Olive Topshop Contrast Panel Duster Coat, $136. This is the perfect transition coat. I will wear it all the time or at least until the weather turns too cold.

4. Suede Over the Knee Boots with a Lug Sole: Stuart Weitzman 5050 Stretch Suede Over The Knee Boots, $655. I already have a pair of Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots, but now I want these with a lug sole. I’m all about not slipping this winter (I have a new spine). Over the knee-boots are still a hot trend and it’s amazing how much you can wear them…with jeans, skirts, dresses…

5. Hoodie Sweatshirt: ASOS Hoodie in Longline Oversized Fit with Side Splits, $45.14. Yes, I am aging backwards! At least I’m trying. I want a hoodie without a college name, my old sorority or any cute sayings. Just plain gray. Hoodies are a big trend this fall and you might think it’s just for millennials. It’s not, but just in case I want a skateboard too.

6. High Top Sneakers with Fringe: Vans SK8-Hi Moc, $80. I already have the pair shown above and every time I wear them I get stopped and asked about them. So I just ordered another pair in the wine color. They are comfy as hell and cool as sh*t. I love my fringe sneakers with jeans. They will also go perfectly with my skateboard and hoodie mentioned above. Who am I?

7. Designer Leather Backpack: Balenciaga Traveller textured-leather backpack, $1,765. Since my spinal surgery I have been told by my doctor and physical therapist to stick with backpacks. At first this seemed like a death sentence, but backpacks have come a long way. I have amassed quite a collection of nylon and leather ones, but now that the high-end, luxury bag designers are all making them, I figure why not just go for it and invest in a good backpack I will wear to death? This is my pick. “Dear Santa, I have been a really good Mom this year…”

8. Off the Shoulder Sweater: Opening Ceremony Black Off-The-Shoulder Sweater, $425. I just did a post on the off the shoulder sweater trend. What can I say? The look grew on me. I invested in a great strapless bra and I am ready to take on the world one exposed shoulder at a time.

9. Choker: Gucci Leather Choker, $405. I usually don’t want anything tight around my neck, but I’m finding I like some chokers. I adore the sleek, modern ones or just a piece of fabric like velvet. Granted, this choker looks like a dog collar, but I still like it. OK, I love it.

10. Chunky Heel Booties: Gucci Polly Kiltie Leather Ankle Boot, $1,290. I am crazy about the chunky heel boot trend. Actually I call it the David Bowie Ziggy Stardust boot, but whatever. I did a post on this trend because I adore it so much. Go wild with glitter or a pattern or keep it super retro like this pair I am coveting. I seem to have a thing for Gucci this season. Who knew?

I hope my must -have list has inspired you to get shopping. I have to start attacking more of this list now! Please share what’s on your must-have list!


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