Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NY Spring '11. Tory Burch's Jet-Setter du Jour

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Summary: Sporty and sexy in a 70's inspired way, was the name at the game at Tory Burch. Though Burch's spring '11 collection included many stylistic thoughts, the jet-setting woman on-the-go remained a consistent thread. But who she was, when she lived and where she was going were all answered in a melange of different ways. Early on in the collection, vintage elements like knee-length skirts, bell sleeves and bohemian patterns suggested a retro sense of relaxed sophistication. But soon tailored suits (one made from a pair of Burch's father's pants), crisp blazers and slim-fitting silhouettes provided the timeless aesthetic of easy, versatile pieces that could work from day to evening.

Tory Burch once again showed her ability to adeptly mix fabrics and patterns together, pairing the rougher texture of a poncho with the liquidy feel of a lame skirt, or a Chanel-looking, waist length blazer with paisley-printed shorts. The fun part of the collection was that it came off as one cohesive wardrobe, despite the multifarious approach. Breaking down each look into its pieces made you wonder how many other infinite possibilities you could come up with by pairing any one of the pieces with any of the others—the sign of a collection that's worth its weight in gold.

Color Palette: tangerine, poppy, gold, bronze, ivory, black, yoke, pewter, slate, cream, olive, camel, khaki, crimson, paisley, striped,

Fabrics and Textures: leather, draped, lame, knit, cotton, silk, crochet

 Key Looks: Red and navy striped suit, lame skirt, two-tone parka wit leather trim, poppy and ivory web sweater, black leather slit skirt

-Alia Rajput

Photo Source: WWD

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