Loved It or Loathed It? Designers, Industry Insiders (and SCS!) Weigh In on Lincoln Center

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center!

Well, its officially over. After a week-long whirlwind of runway shows, presentations and cocktail parties, the Second City Style team can place another successful Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week under our perfectly styled belts. And despite the rampant running from place to place and long days lugging a laptop around, it seems like this season's Fashion Week was overall a lot less stressful than ones in the past. Though there was some debate heard from various people throughout the week, we think much of this season's more mellow vibe came from the new venue—Lincoln Center.

Likened to a sleek European airport terminal, the main Mercedes-Benz venue may have been the catalyst of change that many were hesitant to accept; but at the end of a very long day when you were wondering why you weren't so ravenous and your feet weren't throbbing as much, it could only be accredited to the carpet that covered the Lincoln Center floorboards (take that, Bryant Park stones) and the seemingly endless supply of 100 calorie Pop Chips that were supplied by the sponsor on site (beats those tiny chocolate things they used to give out at Bryant Park). Other amenities included complimentary hand massages, Tres Semme hair styling, an endless supply of Fuji water and REAL bathrooms instead of indoor porto-potties you had to climb in and out of. Outside of the comfort perks, the new digital scanning system allowed you to print out your own invites, saving us all tons of time that had otherwise been spent standing in endless lines.

But don't just listen to us. Apparently, fashion reporters weren't the only ones that enjoyed the new venue. “Lincoln Center was a triumph,” said Carolina Herrera. “The way it was constructed, the entrance, and the outside gardens, it was all fantastic.” Mark Badgley of Badgley and Mischka expounded, “It just felt like New York. It was good for fashion, good for designers and good for the city. I know the first time is always a novelty but all the people we invited — socialites, celebrities and industry — they were really into it.” Isaac Mizrahi added his two cents too, stating, “There was something elegant about it and I think it was a little more organized than Bryant Park. Also, somehow it felt less anxiety-provoking by not being in the center of town.”

Prabal Gurung appreciated the significance of the Lincoln Center plaza, which also houses the Metropolitan Opera and the David Koch theater. “The magnitude of the place itself, the buildings, what it represents historically…you don’t feel it until you go there,” Gurung said. “It’s a perfect home for fashion. There was this incredible energy. It was easy to navigate and to find, traveling back and forth was easier also. There weren’t any crazy traffic jams. I think it worked out perfectly.” And finally, Ken Downing, senior vice president and fashion director of Neiman Marcus, pointed to the mall’s outdoor plaza as a welcome extra. “There is some room to maneuver and breathe, and gather yourself and your team,” he said. “Now, if we could only get the schedule to be less uptown, downtown…it would be very helpful if there is an attempt to schedule blocks of shows in one part of the town. Think of how much more ecologically correct we would be.”

Indeed, the biggest complaint throughout the week was not surrounding the main venue but the fact that so many designers this season chose to show off site, resulting in a constant ferrrying of editors and buyers from one end of the city to another. But we're hoping with all these seals of approval by some of the biggest players in the game, many headlining houses (who chose to show in their own studios or other venues this season), will come over to the main site by next season. Until next time, Lincoln Center!

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-Alia Rajput

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  • Lauren-Second City Style
    September 20, 2010 3:46 pm

    I actually enjoyed NYFW for the first time in 9 seasons. I for one LOVED the venue change! It was roomier, more civilized, run better and lastly, there were no cobblestone tiles to trip over. Mind you, I still found a way to do a face-plant, but nevermind.

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