Louboutin Sample Sale NYC? No Thanks!

I have been hearing about the Louboutin Sample Sale here in NYC for a couple of weeks now and while I would love to check it out, there is no way in hell I will. The thought of enduring a real Hunger Games battle is as about appealing to me as giving birth again. I don’t do lines anymore and would rather pay full retail than endure a day if self-inflicted misery.

Apparently, I’m not alone. In today’s NY Post Page Six even famous transgender artist Amanda Lepore refused to wait in line with the masses yesterday morning. When she arrived at around 9:30 am, there were already 300 women waiting in the rain, some having been there since 5:30 a.m! However, a witness told Page Six, Lepore “started at the back of the line, decided she wasn’t going to wait and proceeded to waltz directly to the front of the 300 people waiting, and demanded to be let in first…and she was! The rest of us would never be that lucky. Rain-soaked shoppers were rightfully pissed.

The invite-only event is the sample sale of the season. Red-sole loving women not on the list try desperately to talk their way past the door staff, with tactics including name-dropping Louboutin employees, “claiming they were basketball wives” or attempting to sneak through the freight elevator. #FAIL. Everyone on the list was given a stamp at the front door, which they had to show to get into the third-floor sale. The sale will continue later this week, but if you’re not on the list, not a fast talker, nor famous, good luck.

There is a rumor that the sale may open up to the general public on Friday, but who knows? If you want to keep a watchful eye on the sale visit Madison Avenue Spy or Racked NY.

Source: NY Post
Read”Inside the Louboutin Sample Sale” at Madison Avenue Spy here.
Christian Louboutin Sample Sale

306 West 38th St, 4th floor (at 8th Avenue)

Wednesday, May 16th: 8am to 5:30pm (Press)

Thursday, May 17th: 9am to 5pm

Friday, May 18th: 9am to 3pm

Credit Cards ONLY
Source: NY Post
– Lauren Dimet Waters

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