Looks for Less: Stunning Sunnies For Sunshiny Days

Looks for Less: Stunning Sunnies For Sunshiny Days

There’s no doubt sunglasses are a staple accessory for gloriously sunny weather. From a practical standpoint, you need to shield your eyes from the harsh UV rays, and after all no one likes squinting in vacation pictures. Luckily, there are tons of different kinds of sunglasses under 100 dollars available to fit everyon’e individual style, whether you like to have a collection and switch it up, or if you’re generally loyal to a timeless pair of Ray Bans.

History of Sunglasses

From Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O’s classic sunnies to Anna Wintour’s sophisticated pair hiding her gaze as she’s perched in the front row during Fashion Week, sunglasses have been a mainstay accessory for a long time. After doing a little research, I discovered that sunglasses date back to the 12th century (or even earlier!) in China. The lenses of the first sunglasses were made of thin panes of smoky quartz and were mainly used to hide the eyes and facial expressions of judges in Chinese courts while they interrogated witnesses. Modern pairs as we know them were developed by James Ayscough in 1752, who added tinted lenses in glasses to try and correct various visual impairments.

Sunglasses were more commonly worn in the early 1900s by movie stars, and Sam Foster sold mass-produced pairs on the Atlantic City boardwalk in 1929, marketing them as sun protection to his customers. Edwin H. Land invented and patented polarized sunglasses in 1936; and finally in the late 30’s, Ray Ban Aviator styles became extremely popular during WW2, essentially sealing their fate as a big part of fashion history.

Sunglasses Under $100

For those who like an unexpected yet sophisticated look, these two-tone sunglasses from ASOS are perfect. They would look great with anything from pearls (Breakfast at Tiffany’s anyone?) to everyday denim. For a pop of brilliant blue, this pair of round sunnies from Topshop is a fun choice. The subtle leopard print is a classic touch. Anyone who’s fond of aviators would love this Urban Outfitters pair, which comes in a variety of colors. The lenses seem perfect to hide behind while reading your favorite beach novel and sipping on a refreshing, fruity drink. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

For a retro look on a budget, Nordstrom offers cat-eye sunglasses for a steal. They have several different styles at this price point so you may want to snap up a few different versions. For a lightweight sporty style, this pair from Target is a beautiful green color and would be great for family road trips or spontaneous sunset strolls to the boardwalk or pier for ice cream. Any of these shades would be a great addition to anyone’s accessory arsenal for summer, and with prices so inexpensive you can practically get five pairs for the price of one!

Pictured Above (from left to right):

Urban Outfitters Quay x Jasmine Sanders Indio Metal Sunglasses, $65

ASOS Vero Moda 2 Tone Round Sunglasses, $22

Topshop Whitney Preppy Round Sunglasses, $30

Target Woman’s Gelato Surf Sunglasses, $13

Nordstrom BP. 60mm Metal Cat Eye Sunglasses, $12

– Claire Mykrantz

Image Layout: Fountain Of 30

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