It’s Not Too Late To Get The Goods For Hosting Thanksgiving!

Where has the year gone? It feels like just yesterday we were popping bottles for New Year’s Eve and a few days later, celebrating the beginning of patio season aka summer. And now, it is time for families to gather for the holidays. First up on the list – Thanksgiving! You might be lucky enough to head out of town for some free food, as well as room and board. But you might be having Thanksgiving in your home.

If you have the time (and extra money), you could think about adding in one major piece to your home. It’s always makes for a standout moment when a family member or friend walks into a room and sees one, big beautiful piece for the first time. How can you not love a velvet sofa? It adds a touch of instant luxury. Double points if it comes in a decadent and deep fall-inspired color, like burgundy, navy, or forest green. Another big piece you can add to your home for the season would be the center piece of it all – the dining table. If you have the room, you may not need much else to make an impact when you set that turkey down on the table. We love this vintage dining table in walnut that expands with additional leaves top entertain additional guests.

Not everyone has the money (or more importantly, time) to add a major addition to their home before the holidays come around. Yet there’s no reason you can’t a smaller piece. Bringing a new dinnerware set to the table is sure to add a simple boost to your table. We also love this cool Diagram Bowl. This would look great on the coffee table with a multitude of snacks for your waiting guests, or for dinner filled with different types of dips. We also love this quartz-style cheese board. This adds a cute and vibrant feel to any occasion.

A table runner is a fun way to provide some color without going overboard. That doesn’t have to mean beige or simple burlap fabrics. We love this poinsettia version. The cut outs between the flowers look amazing when paired with a dark wood table and the bright red color looks so warming. And the shimmering embroidered trim adds a bit of sparkle, perfect for the season.

You might not want people to look down but you can get them to look up. Chandeliers in different textures add a visually interesting feel to the room. We also love them in different materials, rather than just sticking to faux candles and crystals. When the light shines through and casts a slight shadow on the wall might make for some interesting conversation. We think that versions like these could work in either the dining room or the living room.

One last simple addition that many don’t think about is adding in a bit of greenery. Move the mashed potatoes over and instead of adding candles (which could be dangerous, ouch!), add a small plant to the table. We love sage because this aromatic herb from the mint family adds a calming vibe to the scene. And if you don’t have room at the table, you could try putting them on end tables and window ledges, any place that you have a few inches to spare.

It’s not necessarily all about keeping the focus in the dining room. You can add more to the next best room of the home, the living room. That’s where everyone will gather before and after dinner to talk about what’s going on in their lives. Since we already have a couch addition to your new look, you might be thinking about what else you could change. A rug is another quick change for a new look. You don’t have to add a faux fur rug for that lush look in front of a roaring fireplace, but you can add something with a little bit of texture. Bright patterns or layering different rugs on top of each other, look amazing.

Thanksgiving is all about bringing family and friends together, and you can’t help but want your home to look its best. It does not take much time, effort and money to add some interesting flair to your home, just make sure that the pieces you pick be eye-catching and have that ‘wow’ factor. Show off your goods (as well as that delicious turkey) and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Pictured Above (from left to right):

Sandro Luca Vintage Velvet Sofa, $1,498.99

Vintage Walnut Dining Table w/ Extra Leaves by Ruby + George, $1,595

Birch Lane Milford 16-Piece Dinnerware Set,  $129.85

CB2 SAIC Diagram Bowl, $10.95

Anthropologie Agate Cheese Board, $78

Sam Hedaya Poinsettia Table Runner, $24.99

Creative Co-Op Uptown Iron Frame Chandelier, $529.99

Birch Lane Faux Sage Plant, $16.95

Etsy Thankful and Blessed Rug, $40

– Taneisha Jordan Willour

Image Layout: Fountain Of 30

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