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I loved Charles Nolan’s Fall ’06 collection. It was sophisticated but young, fresh and full of enough drama to make it interesting. Launched in 2004, Charles Nolan still has a strong point of view. While his palette took awhile to grow on me,  it made sense after reviewing the collection in its entirety it suddenly made sense to me. Using more of a Pop-inpired palette instead of jewel tones kept the collection from growing too musty and fussy for his clientele– woman who want structure and a solid foundation but not look too old or too polished.  Not for those afraid of mixing it up a bit, Nolan’s style packs a punch.

Note: There were a couple of attempts to do what I assume was provoke. These fell flat for the most part. I was not impressed by what appeared to be full-figured models. Not interesting. The man in a dress (and lipstick) made more sense because the clothing still held the spotlight.

Color Palette and Materials: Mod palette against a black canvas. Bright orange, neon blue, red, pink, mud, white, bright leaf green, houndstooth black and white check, pastel plaid, navy, charcoal, cobalt and tomato red. Sheer chiffons, silk, wool, cotton and jersey. Leather belts and details.

Key Looks: Chic, stylish cocoon coats in bright colors but also stylish oversized black coats. Tight-fitting suits with feminine white blouse with a big white bow. A gorgeous, long, white shirtdress with patent leather belt. Skinny pants were alongside either trousers or short knickers  Brightly colored tights and big, wide-rimmed hats complimented the vibrant view.

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