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I can still see it as clear as day: Ralph Lauren’s closet full of pastel oxford shirts in The Great Gatsby. The image captivated me and I am pleased to say that to this day (well, at least yesterday) Ralph Lauren is still designing imaginative, pleasant garments that inspire dreams of Old World aristocrats, New England estates and NYC dinners in the Rainbow Room. Earning praise from everyone, including veteran fashion writer Cathy Horyn, Lauren’s collection capitalizes on the Twenties trend of the season and classic palette, as well as sophisticated curves and silhouettes.

Color Palette and Materials: Gorgeous fall colors with the necessary contemporary highlights. Black, camel, metallic gold and bronze, cement, chocolate and white. Tweed, wool, satin, silk, suede, leather and crocodile.

Key Looks: Classic and well-composed. Form-fitting floor-length dresses as well as short above-the-knee dresses, skirts and jumpers. The crisp white, tailored shirt makes its honorary appearance and gorgeous outerwear in the form of satin trenches and wool coats are key pieces in the collection. Headwear included chic berets and flapper’s tops. Bags were in leather and croc and some of the Twenties-inspired heels were just cute as a button. Lauren utilized his metallics wisely, pairing them only with rich black shirts, pants and always with jet-black opaque tights. Strong point-of-view and superb styling.

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