Now the Party's' Over…Fashion Week Reflections

Now that New York Fashion Week is over and we are almost finished with our coverage (it seems like it will never end) I have had some time to recover and reflect, mind you…not fully. So, I got to thinking about the questions I am usually asked by friends and people I meet.

1. What was your favorite show?

That I actually saw in person and didn’t send someone else to cover? Narciso Rodriguez. Hands down. It was amazing. Read my review of Narciso Rodriguez here.

2. Which collection surprised you the most, in a good way?

Vivienne Tam. I am usually not a huge fan, but I loved her spring collection. Read the review of Vivienne Tam here.

3. Which collection was the worst? Narciso_rodriguez_9

I am so not answering that!

4. Which collection were you most excited to see, but were let down.

There is always one every season. Last February it was Temperley. This season I would have to say Phillip Lim. I think we all had such high expectations and while his collection wasn’t horrible, it was just, eh.

5. What was the best swag you got?

Let me make one thing clear…I am so not about the swag and frankly, it becomes annoying to tote garbage around that you don’t know what to do with once you get home. I mean even our friends don’t want a ball of yarn (although I just found out a friend knit a beautiful scarf with his yarn from Ports 1961 so what do I know?) or Pepto colored lip gloss. So I was relieved there were no press bags this year or many shows giving away crap. I just like to see a program (run-of-show) on my seat. Period. Programs fit nicely in my bag and are useful when reviewing the shows later. The best gift of all in my opinion, is no gift. Unless it’s a gift card…which you typically don’t get at shows. Wouldn’t a $25 Sephora gift card be nice?

That being said, I was totally surprised at a gift bag I got from Glam containing a super cute black ruffle tank from Express! The $50 gift card didn’t hurt either. I have not worn or bought anything from Express in who knows how many years, but I have already worn the top twice and may use the card to buy it in other colors! It’s that cute (the ruffles lay flat)! See for yourself! Maybe it’s time to revisit Express, especially now that they finally sell online!

Oh an I also got a pocket Etch-a-Sketch at the W Lounge which has sadly provided me hours of entertainment. I have gotten really good at spelling my name. And here I thought I would give it to a child! Um, not so much.

6. What are the trends for Spring ’09?

Read about Spring ’09 trends here and I will expound on them in a future post.

7. What was the worst thing that happened to you all week?

Besides not having seats at shows we RSVP’d too? Which by the way was a trend. The worse thing had to be my Coach shoe totally falling apart on my way to the Adam Lippes show. Am I a Coach person? Not really. But when I got a gift card earlier this summer I found a surprisingly hot pair of gladiator leather heeled sandals that were so "unCoach" like so I had to have them. It was possibly my fifth time wearing them and I thought they looked pretty good with my Jil Sander dress. So I’m in the cab to Chelsea talking toCynthia_steffe_10
Carol on my cell and I feel something weird going on with my left foot. It’s just sorta flopping. I look down and the upper part of the sandal had totally separated from the bottom! Oh no! Thankfully I heeded the weather forecast for rain and stuck an umbrella and flip-flops (yes, but they were Tory Burch at least) in my bag. So I had to walk into the show wearing flip-flops! I was mortified. Thanks Coach!

8. What was the best thing or most fun you had all week?

I have to say…it was last Thursday. Hayley and I met for the Reem Acra show and ended up hanging out in the W Lounge with my friends, Joseph, Flavio and Ronnie from "Make Me a Supermodel" until the Chris Han show. That was definitely my favorite day/time. 

Read Second City Style’s New York Fashion Week coverage here.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos in order: Narciso Rodriguez, Vivienne Tam, Cynthia Steffe all form NYMag 

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  • Diego Rocha
    September 15, 2008 10:53 pm

    Lauren darling – Love the entire cover. You are amazing as always. Can’t believe about your Shoes. Can Coach send you some new ones ? You
    deserve !

  • Lauren – SCS
    September 16, 2008 9:08 am

    You are too sweet! Can’t wait to see you Thursday night! Who knows if Coach cares? All I know is that I had to pay $16 to fix the damn shoe. Not pleased to say the least. I’d expect it from say, Aldo…but not Coach.

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