Fashion Week Post-Mortem: Lauren's Take on The Week

6a00d83451595d69e2011168670a13970c-320wi.jpg Lauren with Reem Acra

1. What was your favorite

Narciso Rodriguez. What can I say? I love him. I also really liked  Reem Acra and Carmen Marc Valvo's presentations. I'm a sucker for beautiful gowns and evening wear.

2. Which collection surprised you the
most, in a good way?

Yigal Azrouël. I could wear every piece in his collection. It was the only one I could say that about. Am I the only person who missed Ashley Dupree in the front row? I was probably on the same side she was and missed her. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

3. Which collection was the worst?

Judging by the photos I would have to say William Rast. But, Becky saw that show. I did not. The worst one I saw? For me it would have to be Carlos Campos. More that I had to stand for an hour to be trampled on my way to a seat. The show started an hour late and it was just too severe and masculine for my taste. In all honesty though, I was inn a pretty bad mood by the time the show started.

Which collection were you most excited to see, but were let
For me it was Vivienne Tam. For two reasons. I high-tailed it all the
way to Soho to walk into a packed room and could not see any of the
fashions since the models were on the same level as the crowd and
nobody was moving. I lasted 5 minutes and left. When I was able to
finally see the clothes in photos, I was not overly impressed. I love her Spring '09 collection so this was a let-down.

5. What was the best swag you

Not the Barbie bag, that's for sure. I can't believe someone sold it on eBay for $50! Without the lame swag. Actually with it it probably would have sold for $5. I am going to have to sell mine. Becky is right. I am not about the swag. However, my full-size bottle of Narciso Rodriguez's new perfume 'Essence' is my favorite by far. I have not stopped wearing it since I got it.

What are your favorite trends for Fall

Oddly, a lot of last year's trends are returning again (more on that later). My favorite new trends are blue dresses and laser cuts. I am also thrilled to see leather make a return in a major way.
7. What was
your favorite fashion week

Hmmm. Well I would have to say walking into Carmen Marc Valvo and him remembering me (or at least pretending to) from my Neiman Marcus couture career. Then meeting and hanging out with really cool people at his presentation. Then I left that show to go to one of my worst…Vivienne Tam. Amazing how things can change on a dime.

8. What was
the worst thing to happen to you all

While I was waiting to go into Narciso Rodriguez I sat down on a seat in the tents to check my CrackBerry. I looked up and happened to notice a lot of people were drunk. I am not talking tipsy, but loaded. 8:45pm on a Tuesday night at Fashion Week? Come on. Anyway, a minute later some totally sh*tfaced chick just fell over on top of me. She got up and did not say a word. I don't think she had any clue she fell on someone or just had no manners. I was like "Are you serious? Go home." You know the economy is bad when people feel the need to drink all the free alcohol they can in the tents. It's not even that good.

9. Best piece
of Fashion Week
I heard that when Andre Leon Tally emerged from backstage before Tracy Reese's show there was someone in his front row seat. The PR firm tried to make the person move, but Andre would not hear of it and refused to let them kick the person out. He gave up his front row seat and watched Tracy Reese's show from standing with the regular folk. I have a new-found respect for him. Especially when low on the totem pole editors and bloggers are scamming front row seats, sneaking into shows or coping attitudes when they shouldn't. People need to get a grip. Besides, sometimes the view is better from standing. Especially if you get stuck behind someone really tall (which I always seem to).
10. Favorite
celeb sighting.
know too much about celebrities (hey, I'm a huge fan of Perez Hilton) and generally could care less about seeing them. I prefer them from afar like animlas at the zoo. Now meeting a designer I respect, makes me all loopy. That being said, I did love seeing Taum O'Neal at Cynthia Rowley. I was able to forget her recent bad press and focused on the fact I was seeing a Little Darling.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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