Fashion Week Overload… Just A Few Thoughts

Fashion Week Overload… Just A Few Thoughts

It begins around day 5 of New York Fashion Week after viewing a multitude of fashion images and models and looks on the runway, a sort of fashion fatigue mixed with punchiness begins to set in. It all becomes a bit of a blur. Fashion week overload is an understatement! Here are a few of my thoughts while viewing the New York Fashion Week Fall 17 Collections.

If I have to see …

one more side cutout exposing a bare midriff,

one more oversized menswear jacket,

one more top where the sleeves are so long you cannot even sit to dine much less hold a cocktail … or find your keys in your handbag,

one more piece in burgundy,

one more oversized fishnet fabric inlay,

one more super-contorted asymmetrical big puffy twisted shirt,

one more sheer top worn sans bra,

one more ‘amusing’ motif, character or slogan on a t-shirt or dress,

one more pair of sequin panties under a sheer maxi dress for a final look,

one more cold shoulder,

one more turtleneck,

one more sequin,

or one more scrap of crushed velvet… anything!

….I will scream! And I will know I have seen all the trends I can see at New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2017. Is any of it new or innovative? Nope. We have seen it all before. Last year in fact. Sure some of the styles were more refined or more exaggerated, but it appears the designers were on fashion overload too. I thought I was the only one burned out. Let’s hope the shows over in Europe bring something new to the table for Fall ’17.

Photos: NY Mag


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