Equinox 2017 “Commit to Something” Campaign Focuses On Dedication


Once again photographer Steven Klein is the man behind the lens for this year’s Equinox Commit to Something Campaign. For 2017 he re-envisioned the theme in an intimate, provocative and deeply moving exploration of personal identity. The ads tackle topics rarely addressed in advertising such as a woman’s decision to embrace a new perspective on beauty after a double mastectomy and the cultivation of cannabis.

Equinox re-envisioned the theme of commitment to provide a more personal take on a concept already central to their mission. Equinox empowers members to discover their maximum potential and this campaign similarly challenges viewers to take action and celebrate dedication—within themselves and others.

Each image was conceived as a commentary on dedication and personal identity, but Klein was most moved by his work with Samantha Paige, who authentically represents survival and self-commitment. Rightfully so. Her journey, which began with thyroid cancer and a BRCA-1 gene mutation diagnosis, culminates with her proudly exposing her bare chest in this year’s campaign. Her fight for for life and her beauty should inspire all of us to at least do whatever we can to take care of health.



One image shows an aristocratic woman tending to a greenhouse full of cannabis plants, portrayed by Jessica Stam. (I admit I did not catch this concept right away! I must be agriculturally challenged.) Another photo depicts a man, obsessed with his own beauty, directing a staff to carefully grooms every part of his body (portrayed by Brian Shimansky).

Equinox is showcasing the campaign across social media using the hashtag #committosomething – the ads are displayed in Equinox locations throughout their 86 global locations.

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– Carol Calacci

Images: Equionox

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