Designer Interview: Elie Tahari at Neiman Marcus Chicago

Fashion Designer Elie Tahari was at Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue on Thursday evening for a cocktail reception and fashion presentation hosted by Caroline Maguire, Nieman Marcus CUSP Fashion Director. The show featured looks from the Elie Tahari Spring 2015 Collection.

Elie Tahari and Caroline Maguire

Before the presentation I had the opportunity to meet Elie Tahari. I was thrilled to meet the man who designed so many pieces I have loved and worn in the last 20 years!
SCS: Ever since I can remember, Elie Tahari was always synonymous with “Great Fitting.” How to you manage to come up with new designs and still flatter women at the same time?
ET: Our industry fits for the runway and I fit the girls in our office. This is how we get the best fit for our customers.
SCS: Who is the Elie Tahari woman?
ET: She is confident, smart and knows what she wants. She does not buy because of a label.
SCS: Do you design your own textiles?
ET: Yes we do – the prints and fabrics. You will see some of our textured weaves with leather and fringe this season.
SCS: Your brand  is huge. I know you design everything including shoes, accessories and I thought you had handbags?
ET: We did have have handbags and we are going to relaunch them again next year.
SCS: What key pieces from your collection would you recommend for spring 2015?
ET: Something with fringe, something from the Sport line, and this season we have a lot of comfortable and user-friendly fabrics that feel good. These pieces are not a trend… we call it “Chic Shipwreck” The fabrics look washed and sun bleached with raw edges and also have high tech zippers and details.
SCS: What trends are you seeing in the near future?
ET: Shapes and trends change. Now I am seeing a wider pant leg…a soft bottom and a smaller top, and for quite a while we saw a big top over a legging…which is still fine. But women like a change.
SCS: What is the best advice (in designing, in business or in life) anyone ever gave you?
ET: That difficulties and challenges you go through in life are really a blessing to help you grow.
Tech fabrics from Elie Tahari. This jacket reverses to a black and white print!

Elie Tahari Fringe and “Chic Shipwreck” Spring 2015 Collection

Woven Leather Fabric

Elie Tahari Shop at Neiman Marcus Marcus Michigan Avenue on level 3

Elie Tahari Sport
Elie Tahari Sport

I met Elie Tahari!

Shop Elie Tahari at Neiman Marcus
– Carol Calacci
Photos: Second City Style

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