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Katie Schuppler gets friendly with my closet

There's no denying it: It's spring cleaning time. And while Chicago is still waiting to warm up, you can do your part to ready yourself for the season by going through your wardrobe and dusting off all those essential items for spring. All it takes is a little time to do a thorough inventory of what you have and what you need and you'll be ready to hit up those spring sales to complete your fabulous warm weather wardrobe.

But how about this—what if you could have a professional do all work for you? Since jobs and kids and social lives put a serious hindrance on our free time, wouldn't it be great for someone else do the time-consuming part and we got to have all the fun? Someone stylish and up on the current trends who could evaluate your items, choose what to keep and what to toss and then bag it all up and take your goodies to consignment and good will? Yes it sounds too good to be true but it in this day and age, anything's possible.

Enter Katie Schuppler. Personal style consultant and founder of Katie Schuppler Style Consulting, Schuppler's puts a new spin on the adage "Out with the old, in with the new." She turns closet editing into a fun, stress-free experience with her of the moment fashion expertise and even goes one step further to offer styling and personal shopping services as well. Basically, she's the one woman package that everyone needs to ready themselves for next season.


Inspecting every piece of clothing

Katie visited me one quiet afternoon, armed with the tools and joie de vivre needed to tackle my craziest of closets. The wardrobe of fashion editors needs to be chock full of stylish staples—versatile yet unique, trendy yet timeless, able to be dressed up or down at a moment's notice—for the nonstop lives they lead (myself as no exception). But I was also looking to weed out those pieces I never wore, the impulse buy or risky trend that never really caught on, and free myself of the clutter.

Without batting an eyelash, she took to my crammed closet and carefully began pulling pieces, explaining she was making two piles for me to inspect. One was clothing she believed were keepers and the other was for the cast-offs that were either too worn or just too out of date for me to keep trying to pull off. I took a deap breath, and I was ready.


The piles are growing…

While she worked, we chatted. A Milwaukee native, Katie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Mount Mary College with a degree in Fashion Merchandise Management and Business Administration. She worked as the Style Director for Fred's Boutique, the number one women's boutique in Milwaukee where she served as client supervisor, style caster and social media extraordinaire. She chose to move to Chicago because it was a big city, yet held the same Midwestern values to which she was accustomed. That and she had always regarded Chicago women as "classy, elegant and welcoming."

Now having moved seamlessly into Chicago's fashion scene, Katie offers an extensive list of closet clean out, personal shopping, event shopping, vacation shopping and e-styling  services through Katie Schuppler Stye Consulting. In addition, Katie also writes the blog "Fashion Speak" on and is a contributing editor for Haute Living Chicago as well. With a rap sheet like that, I knew my beloved clothes were in good hands.



Packing it all up!

Once Katie was finished with my piles, I was able to survey the damage. The keepers included tailored blazers (always need those), printed tops and flouncy skirts; yet it immediately became apparent of what I was lacking such as cardigans, fancier tops and pants of any kind. I sorted through the cast-off pile and picked out any pieces that I desperately couldn't part with—like Robert Rodriguez and Ted Baker dresses—and forced myself to let go of the rest. It was surprisingly therapeutic to watch as Katie neatly bagged up all my "tossed" items, assuring me they would find a good home. The local consignment stores she uses, Luxelife and Shop Mag Style,  receive any appropriate clothing, shoes and accessories that could potentially sell. The rest are donated to good will. It was as simple as that and I all of a sudden I had precious room to spare.


Bye-bye cast-offs!

For those of us who value time more than just about anything, Katie Schuppler is a god send. Her professional, efficient and friendly manner take all the moaning and groaning out of spring cleaning and make the prospect of shopping for yourself  exciting again. Even as someone who loves fashion and is surrounded by it all day long, I knew my wardrobe needed a revival and it always helps to have a fresh pair of eyes. Schuppler's offers affordable rates, flexible appoitment times and the best part is—she comes to you. Find out more about Katie Schuppler Stye Consulting at and check out her "Fashion Speak" blog at

-Alia Rajput

Photo Source: Second City Style

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