Chicago and New York Named In Top 25 Most Healthy Cities in America

Boston ranked #1 Healthiest Big City
Boston ranked #1

As the new year begins, health is the #1 topic on everyone’s mind as they put together their New Year’s goals and resolutions. BetterDoctor (a free app for finding doctors) assessed cities across the U.S. to determine which of the biggest fifty cities are the healthiest. Different variables, such as population fitness, doctor ranks and health insurance coverage, vary from city to city and were considered in the rankings.
So which cities ranked the highest? Congratulations Boston! You ranked #1. Washington, DC ranked 3rd and Austin, TX ranked 18. Chicago came in 23rd with an overall health score of 48.41. New York followed closely behind as the 24th most healthy city in America. Surprisingly, Buffalo ranked 21 (because I’m from there and well, let’s just say – I’m shocked).
New Orleans Olyster Po Boy
Sorry New Orleans

Come on, you know you are dying to know which cities ranked the unhealthiest too. Admit it. Milwaukee, WI came in at 25 (probably due to all that cheese). I was not surprised to see New Orleans ranked #8 because if you’ve ever had an Oyster Po’ Boy, you’d know they are delicious and totally unhealthy! Drum roll…the number #1 unhealthiest city is; Memphis, TN.
Find the complete list of America’s Most Healthy (and Most Unhealthy) Cities at
– Lauren Dimet Waters

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