Celebrity Style: Carefully Try These Looks At Home

Celebrity Style: Carefully Try These Looks At Home

It’s a fact. Sometimes celebrities go a little overboard with their wardrobe. Maybe it’s because their position in society makes them feel comfortable enough to take risks. Maybe it’s because they actually like what they are putting on and think the rest of the world can get on board. Whatever the reason, we’ve seen some major celebs in some, shall we say, QUESTIONABLE fashion choices.

It’s not that I say young people (in their teens and twenties) can get away with taking more risks. It’s just after the age of 30, I would think the average fashionista would get just a little smarter about their fashion choices. I would also assume they could dress better for their age. (Age appropriate for me, though, is a wide range so don’t think that means there’s a lot of fashion you can’t wear now that you turn 30 years old.)

Carefully Try These Looks At Home

There’s a lot to be said for taking risks, but there’s also a lot to be said for making smart fashion choices. So if you’re going to make bold fashion choices, be smart about them. Here’s how I would change the looks on these celebs to make them “smarter.”

Sienna Miller – Ruffled Dress

Sienna Miller has always been quite whimsical about her fashion choices. I guess because she’s already done it more than once and we’ve seen it on her on multiple occasions, we’ve grown accustomed her look. This Chloe ruffled dress she wears above is breezy and feminine but more so, it’s a bohemian style that Sienna Miller wears best. The look does look a bit young though, even though the 35-year old looks all of 28. I would maybe add a cropped leather jacket to sort of liven it up a little bit.

Christina Hendricks – Floral Maxidress

I typically applaud Christina Hendricks for her fashion choices. She’s a busty, curvy girl and not at all opposed to wearing loud prints. She recently wore a Temperley London look that I absolutely loved! This look, however, leaves something to be desired. Maybe it’s the placement of the geometric prints with the floral and the blocks of solids.Maybe it’s the three-quarter bell sleeves that make her look more oversized than she actually is. I think that she should have chosen a different look — definitely a mixed solid/print look but one where the solids and prints are better placed.

Diane Kruger – Velvet Blazer

Who here has a thing about wearing a suit in matching colors that aren’t black, raise your hand! It’s not that I don’t love Diane Kruger and her sometimes risky fashion choices, it’s just that I never liked the idea of wearing a suit in blue, green, red…even on a man. And this one’s in velvet. It’s a bit much. She should have stuck to the blazer only – or styled the velvet pants with a cool black top.

Carrie Underwood – Metallic Top

I’m honestly not sure what to think of this look. On the one hand, I actually think the top makes Carrie Underwood look older. On the other hand, the cut of the shirt is all wrong. I honestly don’t know if the color and cut would look good on anyone. Be careful when you wear metallic tops, as they are supposed to elevate an outfit but can actually do the opposite.

– Simona Shemer

Photos: People.com

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