Trend To Try – Blue Lens Sunglasses

I’m totally into sunglasses (I own a zillion pairs – it’s an addiction) so I am always sure to follow the trends and let me tell you, this summer they are a bit insane, especially if you are over the age of 35. They include; decorated oversized, double wires (actually I don’t mind this one), futuristic, clear plastic rims, crazy geometric shapes, flatop, butterfly wings, and totally round (which don’t look good on many). Two trends I love are aviators (thank God they continue to be in) and blue lens sunglasses.


This is one of my favorite trends for summer ’17. The shape and frames can be any size or shape because it’s all about the lenses which must e BLUE! What shade of blue you may be wondering? ANY! They can be navy blue, light blue, clear blue or mirrored blue. Any shade works. Just run out and get yourself a pair of sunglasses with blue lenses right now. You can spend a little or a lot.

Here are 30 pairs of sunglasses with blue lenses at every price for your consideration.


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