5 Of The Best New Celebrity Style Stars To Watch In 2020

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The year 2020 is finally here and with that, there is a crop of new talent that may have been here before but have suddenly become very popular. These superstars bring with them acting and singing talent as well as incredible, artistic, and avant-garde style choices that have brought them to the forefront of fashion. In a world where fashion is recycled over and over and over again, these stars (and their looks) are a breath of fresh air in a new period of style. And just because they’re in their twenties (except for one) doesn’t mean you can’t pull off their looks and look just as good doing it. Emily Hampshire, Lizzo, Florence Pugh, Lucy Boynton and Zoey Deutch are 5 of the best new celebrity style stars to watch in 2020.

The Best New Celebrity Style Stars Of 2020

New Celebrity Style Stars Emily Hampshire J Mendel ball gown SAGs 2020 fountainof30

Emily Hampshire

Schitt’s Creek actress Emily Hampshire wore J. Mendel to the 26th Screen Actors Guild Awards in January. It’s a go-to designer for the actress, exquisite are those amazing pleats, the ball gown effect, and that lovely plunging v-neck which doesn’t even need an accessory. I could have done without the beige lip, but I see what she was going for.

Hampshire also wore a midnight blue J. Mendel tiered tulle gown to the Critics Choice Awards and she wore a one-shouldered red J. Mendel gown with a frothy neckline to the Emmy Awards. It’s crazy how different three dresses by the same designer can be. The one for the SAGs, however, was definitely my favorite.

Lizzo white strapless gown white fur stole New Celebrity Style Stars fountainof30


If this doesn’t scream Old Hollywood in a new decade, I don’t know what does. The Grammys are all about over-the-top, experimentation, and big bold craziness, and while rapper Lizzo certainly brought that out in outfit changes, this sculpted white Versace with a slit revealed that the starlet knows how to be classy, chic, and feminine, too. It also sends out a big message to all the women out there who aren’t a size 6. Wearing white isn’t a big no no – it’s not just about what you wear, it’s how you wear it. I think this is her best look of the entire season and I can’t wait for more. She’s one of the best new celebrity style stars of 2020.

best new celebrity style Florence Pugh black assyetrical dress fountainof30

New Celebrity Style Star: Florence Pugh

Before I go into the look above, I have to mention Florence Pugh’s strange look at this week’s BAFTAs (British Academy Film Awards). While this bold Brit is certainly known for her experimental fashion choices (which work for her most of the time), her choice to wear a hot pink Dries van Noten parachute cape was not a good one. She layered the exaggerated look over a black mini dress and platform heels with a diamond necklace.  It was just bad all around and I’m dying for a huge improvement at the Oscars next week. 

BAFTA debacle aside, Vogue described the English actress’s winning style perfectly, with quotes from Pugh’s stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray, who says the actress is “very true to herself.” She continues, “She loves bold, colorful, interesting shapes—anything avant-garde, or a little bit mad and quirky, really gives her joy.” The stylist also said she loves fun fashion moments and never wants to play it safe. She claims to have an “emotional approach” to her choices and wants to connect to what she’s wearing. It shows. 

But wait, there’s more. “She loves things slightly off kilter and with a sense of humor,” Corbin-Murray says and Vogue writes, “Think classic gowns that feature unexpected details, such as asymmetrical necklines or voluminous shapes.” You can really see it in the look above, which features asymmetrical hemlines with pops of color. 

I have no idea WTF she was thinking with her BAFTA look but let’s hope it’s a one-time thing.

new celebrity style stars Lucy Boynton silver Louis Vuitton Golden Globes

Lucy Boynton

There’s something about Lucy Boynton that’s so elegant, boho, powerful, bold and delicate all wrapped into one. Her style choices are, dare I say it again, a breath of fresh air. She has burst onto the fashion scene while wearing things like this shiny silver disco ball dress by Louis Vuitton worn to the Golden Globes and hasn’t looked back since. 

Lucy Boynton’s outfits are a little bit vintage, a little bit goth, with a dash of prep in a Peter Pan collar. She is whimsical and ethereal, a little bit pastel and a little bit retro-elegant. There’s something to be said when a starlet can carry out a wide range of looks (Florence Pugh does it, too) and that’s what I love most about all the breakout stars on this list. 

She wears nipped Victorian-styled looks one minute and striking florals the next. She’s also uber-feminine. I really hope Lucy Boynton stays on the scene because I’m dying to see what she wears next. 

best new celebrity style 2020 Zoey Deutch black sequin fendi dress fountainof30

Zoey Deutch

Zoey Deutch plays Infinity Jackson, a girl who fakes having cancer, on the Netflix hit The Politician. I’m not a fan of Infinity’s style at all. She wears pink sweaters, beanies, oversize denim Bermuda shorts and sweatpants. Thank God she breaks from those looks in favor of looks like a contrast-print graphic dress by DVF. Lucky for us, Zoey Deutch’s real-life style is nothing like her character’s–and it’s so much better. There’s something sharp, but ultra-feminine about her style and she’s very, very couture (see the feathered, sequined, architectural Fendi look above). She’s also been seen in Christian Dior and Oscar de la Renta

Sure, not everyone can pull off a puff-sleeved yellow Fendi jumpsuit as this woman did at the Golden Globes, but you can certainly take some style lessons from the daughter of actress Lea Thompson and be just as eye-catching.

– Simona Shemer

Photos: Emily Hampshire, Gofugyourself.com; Lizzo, EOnline; Florence Pugh, Vogue; Lucy Boynton, People.com; Zoey Deutch, Popsugar.com

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