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Brooke Burke Helps Kick off Wella Color Tour!

The Wella Color Discovery Tour made a recent stop in Chicago to celebrate 130 years of hair color innovation! Top colorists were in town providing consumers with free personal hair color consultations and recommendation for the latest and greatest hair color trends. Second City Style had the opportunity to catch up Managing Director/Co-Owner of RED 7 Salon, Jason Hall, about finding the right hair colorist, the hottest hair color trends for transitioning from summer to fall, and how to maximizes at-home care for a healthy head of colored tresses. Check out Jason's inside scoop:

SCS: Exactly what are the hottest trends in hair colors this season and will they change for fall?

Hall: The hottest trend we have noticed for the end of summer into fall is red, however the shade of red ranges. Red is a really great option because it makes a statement and adds a pop of color to your look. Reds can also be a more high maintenance shade, but, if you have a great colorist who helps you work out a plan and you utilize great products to support that plan, you’ll achieve great results!

SCS: Tell us more about the 'Wella Color Discovery Tour.'

Hall: At the Wella Professionals Color Discovery Tour this past weekend, clients got the chance to meet with a Wella Professional colorist that worked within a local reputable salon. During the complimentary consultations clients received professional recommendations based on their personal needs and want to format a realistic hair plan. We hoped to connect with our community and get the chance to see those same faces in our salons. We viewed the experience as really giving people an option and an opportunity to have a full professional consultation in a very easy and approachable way.

SCS: What factors play a role in deciding the perfect shade for a client?

Hall: The most important factors to determine the perfect hair shade are based on what’s going to look the best on the client. The best shade depends on the skin tone, hair texture, eye color and sometimes, the hair length. Another key factor is the hair plan. It is extremely important to develop an appropriate maintenance plan that the client feels comfortable with. If the client is low typically maintenance, they are not going to want a high maintenance solution and vice versa.

SCS: What advice would you give to a client who has never dyed their hair before?  How would one find a good colorist?

Hall: Do your research! Before dying your hair, consult with a top industry professional that works within a reputable salon company. To find out about a good colorist, I recommend stopping people on the street, subway, at your child’s soccer game, wherever – talk to others who you think look fabulous and ask them where they get their hair done and what they get done. Finally, do research online. There are so many sites that relate salon reputations, from Yelp to Metromix.

SCS: Can you share some quick tips on how to care for colored tresses?

Hall: My number one tip is to use great products that are appropriate for your specific hair needs. All of these products should be connected to the recommendation you receive from your salon professional. We are the experts and it’s our job to guide you. Make sure you feel comfortable, make sure you know why we are recommending these specific products, and once again, develop a plan with your colorist for your hair type. The plan for us is really all about communication and setting the expectations fully.

Have more questions about finding the perfect colorist? Please visit the Wella website online to find a salon nearest you.

– Nicole L. Townsend


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