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I dare you to literally take a lick of the all-new lip care products by Bite. They’re super yummy, long lasting and good for you too! All of the products are not only organic…but food grade as well. After all…the average woman consumes several pounds of lipstick in her life!

The whole genius idea behind the brand was, why not make those pounds of lip products edible as well as healthy for you? As a big sucker for packaging I couldn’t help but notice that the chic matte packaging looks so sleek, and so cool.  In addition…the already healthy ingredients are naturally anti aging, plus they smell amazing and come in the most perfect range of tints and shades. I love the wide s of products because they meet every lip need and color craving you may have.


As I wear, and apply the various products all day I appreciate that they mix and layer together really well, and last without getting gunky, sticky, or flaky after a long day out. The glosses, sticks, balms, gels, rouges, and butters offered are so much fun to wear, especially knowing your lips are being nourished as well as looking amazing. It makes perfect sense that their recent launch at Sephora is causing them to fly off the shelves!

– Alyssa Buishas

Photos: Second City Style

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