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Traveling Without Fear: A Western Woman In A Muslim Country

There are a lot of places that give people pause when suggested as a vacation destination, but you can travel without fear.


Travel To Zanzibar – In Style!

Zanzibar. Even the name sounds romantic and exotic, doesn’t it? And the islands themselves are exactly that and more.


Catch Patek Philippe’s The Art of Watches Grand Exhibition Now Open in NYC

The Patek Philippe Art of Watches Grand Exhibition New York 2017 is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see how these timepieces are crafted in the US.


Travel Sized Beauty Products For Those Of Us Who Travel (A Lot)

Be ready for a trip at a moments notice. Here are some travel-size beauty products you should not leave without. In fact, keep a travel bag ready!


Hudson Valley Getaway…Whiskey Included!

I am a woman and I am a whiskey drinker. Well, I wasn’t always one but in the past 6 years or so I have really come to enjoy some bourbons and whiskeys. Especially American whiskies which tend to have a sweeter finish than Scottish and Irish whiskies which can be a little too peaty and bitter for me. One particular whiskey brand I adore is Hudson Whiskey. I’m sure you have seen the hip glass apothecary-style bottles at your favorite upscale urban restaurant or hipster watering hole. It’s now distributed internationally but is still a craft whiskey made lovingly at the original distillery in the Hudson Valley.


Lifestyle: Spring Ahead With A Taste Of Summer

Yeah yeah, global warming is a myth. The groundhog and his shadow are in a constant, never-ending battle for deciding the future. Read More


Enter Our Gift Card Giveaway!

Going somewhere? Would you like to? Or maybe you need a unique gift idea. In lieu of the usual products that are featured tirelessly every holiday season (even on our site), switch things up this year by introducing the gift of experience, courtesy of

A gift card presents the perfect opportunity to give a gift that allows recipients to choose their own present, whether that’s a romantic getaway with a significant other, a family vacation, or a well-deserved escape from everyday life.