4 Totally Atypical Celebrity Looks That Will Inspire You

atypical celebrity looks

These four celebrities stand out to me because of their super fashion forward looks and amazing fashion combos. Their unusual combinations include ruffles and pleats, floral and lace, floral and sheer, and oversize sporty chic. Plus if you look at each the outfits closely, you’ll see they’re all sexy without flaunting cleavage or going overboard on showing skin. These are the kind of looks I’d want to wear; beautiful prints, flattering silhouettes, and atypical cuts that really bring these stylish ladies out and can inspire your own outfits at home. Take a look at Olivia Palermo, Margot Robbie, Selena Gomez and Gabrielle Union wearing atypical celebrity looks that will inspire you.

atypical celebrity looks Olivia Palermo violet ruffle top black skirt

Olivia Palermo

Leave it to fashionista Olivia Palermo to go over the top with her outfit in so many ways, even when it’s subtle and all covered up. The navy chiffon top has ruffles in the sleeves and the front as well as a knot at the neck. The modest skirt continues the ruffled, layered trend. And the leathery flats pull the whole thing together. Of course, the animal print clutch is a nice touch. Not everyone can pull this look off but Olivia Palermo certainly can.

atypical celebrity looks Margot Robbie black white floral sheer Chanel

Margot Robbie

Another covered up win, this time for for Margot Robbie in floral Chanel. I would never think to piece these two fabrics together but Karl Lagerfeld and his team does it effortlessly and adds the sheer silver lining to pull the whole look together. The floral appliques really make the dress stand out. I’m not sure I love the sheerness of the bottom half but Robbie, a brand ambassador for Chanel, can make any look by the line both elegant and sexy.

atypical celebrity looks Selena Gomez glasses, foral and lace dress

Selena Gomez

I’m not a huge fan of Selena Gomez in the fashion department and especially not those ugly hipster nerd glasses (what look is she trying to get away with?). Yet this Prada floral slip dress is something special and I have to acknowledge it (although she almost takes away from the entire thing with that ugly brown bag.) Sure, florals have been overdone in the past but not with the lace and not in this look.

atypical celebrity looks Gabrielle Union athleisure aqua jacket hot pink skirt

Gabrielle Union

Another win for Prada! Can you believe Gabrielle Union wore this sporty look to the same show where Selena Gomez wore that floral lacy slip dress? I can’t believe it either. It’s a Prada Fall 2018 outfit and not a resort look but the combo is super fab, especially because the oversized silhouette and the aqua/pink combo is sporty chic. No, she won’t be wearing that pink skirt with a slit to the gym but this is unique retro athleisure at its best.

– Simona Shemer

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